What to do in Barcelona view of Sagrada Familia what to see in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona


We here at Strip Club Barcelona will make a list of the things you can do in our city and give you some ideas how to spend your valuable time when you are visiting our beautiful city. Are you planning to go on tour? Then consider Spain as your destination. Spain has a beautiful city called Barcelona. If you are thinking about what to do in Barcelona, then there are plenty of options for you. This city is very famous for its architecture and art. As the city has a rich culture and beautiful beaches, you will have many things to do in Barcelona. The city Turns into a fairyland when the sun sets in these parts of the world. If you have enough time and money then you can enjoy many places from food market to industrial areas here are some tips & guide to enjoy the city.

Center of attractions in Barcelona:

1. Barcelona La Sagrada Familia

First, answer the question what to do in Barcelona is this beautiful place and wonderful exhibition of the architecture. This place consists of many beautiful cathedrals and modernist masterpiece architecture. The place has glass tints with beautiful ceilings. That is why; it is under UNESCO’s world heritage architecture.

2. La Boqueria

No, matter what; you have to visit the place. This place has near 50000 visitors’ every day. It is so big and beautiful. This is a food market. Many people consider this food market as most famous food market in the present world. You can buy all kinds of food materials in this place.

3. Santa Maria del Mar

If you want to see the real tradition of the Barcelona then you should visit this place. This place attracts thousands of tourist every day. You will see the excellence of architecture from that time. This place was built in 1383. Since then it has become a place of attraction

4. Las Ramblas

Many people agree that if you are in Barcelona then you had better come to this cool and calm place yet crowded. This place is always filled with some action. It is the heart of the city. You will find many people from high points watching performances on the street.

5. Barri Gotic

If you are interested in Gothic architecture then you must visit this place. Even if you are not interested in it, still you need to go there to experience the beauty of the Gothic architecture. This place has the longest history in the Barcelona. Just go there and enjoy.

5. El Palau de la Musica Catalana

This is from the year 1908. This is the place for the Catalan music. This site too has world heritage. It is big and the main reason for the construction was to provide good acoustic experience. Here you can enjoy music like Catalan, Opera, Orchestral music and Choral music. This is the musical answer to the question what to do in Barcelona or you can visit partiesta.com and find out more tips & guide and also things you can do.

6. Cava and the Vermouth

With industrialization, wine becomes famous and it reached peak position in the city of Barcelona. This place offers many kinds of wines with traditional texture and taste of Barcelona berries. The Catalan wine is famous for a fermented bottle wine.

7. Fundacio Joan Miro

As every tourist place, the city of Barcelona also has a high altitude place for the visitors to enjoy the scenery and look of the entire city. The place stands still in the city with paintings of the Fundació Joan Miró. You can see many of his masterpieces in this beautiful place.

8. Park Güell

A definite visit urban place in the city of Barcelona is one of the top things to do. The place is unique in itself in every aspect of the design and architecture. You will hardly find such places anywhere around the world. The columns, exterior walls, painting, pillars, the shape of the building and overall look of the place is just amazing.

9. Manzana de la Discòrdia

This is a modern architecture in the Catalan architecture history. You will see many unusual architectures with different shapes. Barcelona’s own famous architects built this. They were Antoni Gaudí, Enric Sagnier, Lluís Domènech Montaner and the Josep Puig Cadafalch. You can feel the competition between all these architects to show their skills in architecture.

10. Museu Picasso

Pablo Picasso is the main reason behind the artistry and value of this Picasso museum. He came as an apprentice to work for one of the namesake galleries. Then he started to replicate all the works of Picasso. Now this place has all the work representation from a different time.

11. Barceloneta

If you want a beach in your tourist place, the Barceloneta is the answer to your question of what to do in Barcelona. This beach is a simple beach without any fancy things. Because of its simplicity, you will like the place.

12. Camp Nou

If you have not visited Barcelona’s football stadium and its museum of sports-related collections, then you are missing many things because is one of the top things to do here. It is the center of attraction for all the football fans from around the world. You can enjoy a complete tour of the place. This is the best answer to the question what to do in Barcelona for football fanatics.

13. Museum d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

One big and beautiful museum for all contemporary artists from all around the world. The place has its charm and you can enjoy all the art collection from the mid-20th century.

14. Museum d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

One big and beautiful museum for all contemporary artists from all around the world is one of our favorite place you include in our tips & guide. The place has its charm and you can enjoy all the art collection from the mid-20th century.

15. Port Olimpic and Beaches

This is other things do many things to do in Barcelona. You should go to the port and enjoy the ride in the beach.