Table Dance Barcelona

Table Dance Barcelona

I know what pops in almost everyone’s mind when they hear the name Barcelona, is football, and probably Lionel Messi. The possibility of thinking anything other than football about the city disappears in oblivion. But in reality, this city is known for a variety of different things that are not just its legendary footballing culture. One of its amazing things is the mind-boggling nightlife.

The city is among the World Cities that receives the largest number of visitors from different geographical areas. The reason behind this phenomenon is attributed to the table dance clubs, strip clubs and Barcelona brothels it has. The clubs draw your attention by means of excellent exotic girls. The following are Top 6 Best Table Dance Clubs in Barcelona, offering various services include pole dance and table dance among others.

Before giving you the maiden list, it is probably a good idea to first give you some Barcelona nightlife tips that will come in handy when you step into a table dance club. I assume at this moment if you are still reading this article you have totally made up your mind or seriously planning for a visit to a gentlemen’s club either with your friends or alone. So keep reading for some useful advice on how to select the best place for an unforgettable occasion to have a table dance when you are visiting the red light district Barcelona.

Whether you are visiting alone or with friends, any of the table dance clubs are great places to go. And whatever the case, what determines which venue to visit is closely linked to the type of visit you have in mind. For example, when you visit alone you could decide to base on your exotic taste on women. Depending on which dancer you find appealing, you can choose a location that best works for you. But if you’re with your buddies it is more about having the best moments together. If this is the case, then the packages and bonuses that are on offer are more important as this will add more thrills into your night.

Since this article has compiled the best table dance clubs in Barcelona, any of them is a good choice for you. However, when it all comes down to price, you can make the most of some tips I am going to give you so that you can save some money to spend on additional services or rather just make the night a little bit longer.

When visiting alone go for a specific type of diversity. You will find in most of the clubs in this list, some of the best international performers. Girls from all around the world and each one of them is packed with their home country beauty ready to showcase for your own entertainment. Also, don’t forget to look for the best seating location. You have come to enjoy the night so look for the best seating area, preferably near the stage.

Check out for discounts, special offers, and coupons. This will help you decide which Barcelona table dance club to visit since all of them in this list is of the highest quality. Since these type of opportunities are only available for a short period of time, consider asking for the current deals when you are in search of adult entertainment in Barcelona.

When visiting with friends try to assess all the available packages as this will ease the price burden. In some instances, venues will give away VIP treatment to groups or providing seats with affordable beverage prices. Check on these packages the day of the visit as they constantly change. Most packages you will find are designed for special occasions. From stag party Barcelona to a birthday party and they will include the best complimentary amenities that will make your visit memorable. If you decide to visit with friends, consider also asking for private areas for groups.

With that in mind, let’s see what are the clubs offering table dance in Barcelona.

Top 6 Best Table Dancing Clubs In Barcelona

Inside of the Bacarra Club Barcelona
  1. Bacarra Club Barcelona

Bacarra Club Barcelona is rated the best among leading men’s clubs within the city where you can have table dance. Situated in affluent Barcelona, this is a limitless party propelled by at least sixty of not only beautiful but also sexiest ladies in the entire continent. The venue offers outstanding services one cannot find in other places. Besides, it is equipped with the best amenities than any other gentlemen club across the continent.

They operates in all the 365 days of the year, all night long. It is opened at 10.00 pm through to 4.30 am, though the operations are extended through to 6.00 am on Friday and Saturday. They are unique and simply the best in offering one-on-one experience and table dance in Barcelona. Suppose you are after the most appropriate gentlemen’s club experience, Bacarra is the perfect place for you for a bachelor party in Barcelona or any other type of party you are organizing.

There are a number of things that make this place outstanding. For instance, a total of 30 distinct stage performances are held, encompassing pole dance, table dance, and lap dance as well as striptease erotic shows. This explains why the site is the most toured among the strip bars. Besides, its location in the upscale Barcelona makes it one of the safest places to be. The table dance club is characterized by a variety of dissimilar presentation elements, with a central showgirl platform. A mutely lit watching area surrounds the central stage. Important still, you may get tired of the main stage or the VIP location, something that the club mitigates by offering you an opportunity of getting to a private dance with one of the most gorgeous showgirls in Barcelona.

Bacarra is gentlemen’s club in every sense you may imagine, that is they arrange and offer everything the man in your desires.

The club boasts a mind-blowing area of approximately 600 m2, a fact that will also help your privacy remain protected 100%. With its lush interiors and supportive staff, Bacarra has earned its rights of being one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Europe.

Services: Table dance, pole dance, lap dance or private dance in private areas. You can have private moment with the girl you desire in one of the private areas of the club. They are offering VIP table and bottle service for stag party events, birthday party or corporate parties. They offer free transportation service for their clients included in the price of the entry ticket.

Pricing: Price for entrance is 30 € or 40 €, price of lap dance 60-160 €. The drinks are starting from 15 € / beer any other drink starting from 20 € / drink. For more information click the following link: Bacarra Club Barcelona prices.

Inside the Darling Club Barcelona
  1. Darling Club Barcelona

This is yet another fantastic club. It is open throughout from Monday to Sunday with world-class entertainment. Darling Club Barcelona is considered the best luxury table dance club in Barcelona with a guarantee that you will enjoy the erotic shows as well as the best pole dance in Barcelona with the most beautiful ladies. In addition, apart from having the most beautiful ladies, the club pride itself with top DJs who plays nothing short of the very best music. You can choose to have a nice drink or simply sitting down and enjoying the music played as you watch the presentation of proficient dancers moving their bodies in line with the rhythm of the music.

The venue has a variety of drinks obtained from different areas of the world, just for you to enjoy. Moreover, Darling Club offers great services. You are guaranteed the best service from the moment you set your feet in the club through to the point of leaving. The sexy ladies will entertain you on the stage or in a private dance in a private area. Enjoying the sexy moves of the beautiful ladies on stage will be an unforgettable encounter. The stunning ladies will entertain you with mind-blowing presentations you can ever imagine. You will be motivated to tell your friends how cool the place is once you leave, not forgetting how sensual and elegant the ladies were.

There are numerous table dance Barcelona clubs but few can rival Darling with its charm, glitz, and glamour. In addition, the staff at this grandeur place know how to treat you and your buddies the best way you can imagine. The services they offer are the ones you desire and moreover, these can be arranged exclusively for you.

Services: Pole dance shows, lap dance, table dance or private dance. They can organize your bachelor party, birthday party or any other event in their premises. The venue also offers free pick up service for their clients included in the price of the entry fee.

Pricing: Price for entrance is 30 € or 40 €, lap dance 60-160 €. The drinks are starting from 10 € / beer any other drink starting from 20 € / drink. For more information click here: Darling Club Barcelona prices.

Inside the Blue Night Club Barcelona
  1. Blue Night Barcelona

Get into Blue Night Club and receive the best kind of eroticism. The sensual moves of elegant ladies in this place will make you wish to stay in forever. Each and every show is well-designed to make you enjoy each and every minute of your time there. It has often been perceived as the best table dancing club in Barcelona, mainly because of high privacy, class, commitment and relaxation offered. All your expectation of this place will surely be met. The club is opened from 10.00 pm to 05.00 am, with at least 50 strippers to make each of your minute counts.

Some of the exquisite services they off at this splendid place includes pole dance, exclusive session of erotic shows and the best lap dance in Barcelona. The girls at Blue Night Club are known for their insane beauties and seductive moves that will be etched on your mind for a lifetime.

Services: Striptease shows, lap dance, private dance, table dance. The club is great for small groups of people to celebrate  bachelor party, birthday party or private events in their premises. Included in the entry fee a free pick up service if you buy your ticket in advance online.

Pricing: Price for entrance is 30 € or 40 € with 1 or 2 drinks included, lap dance 80-150 €. The drinks are starting from 20 € / drink. Check out here: Blue Night Barcelona prices.

Inside of the Viladomat 208 Gentlemen's Club Barcelona
  1. Viladomat 208 Gentlemen’s Club Barcelona

Let’s face it—there’s nothing quite like a great table dance. And if you’re looking for a table dance in Barcelona, there’s one final place you should visit:

Viladomat 208 Gentlemen’s Club Barcelona.

This one-of-a-kind gentlemen’s club should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to beautiful women and table dances. These skilled babes have the moves it takes to get your blood flowing. With their beautiful bodies and sexy moves, they’ll give you the sight of a lifetime.

And that’s only the beginning.

These incredibly-sexy babes will make a show unlike any other. And because Viladomat 208 makes sure to hire only the sexiest women, you’ll enjoy a show that you’ll have to see to believe.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy this jaw-dropping show in a comfortable and luxurious setting. Viladomat 208 puts your comfort first—meaning that you’ll enjoy premium seating and first-class views. That’s right—you’ll feel like the king you are as you sip on all of your favorite drinks and relax. And in front of you, you’ll watch as these women take it all off and show off unforgettable moves.

Watch as their bodies move in ways that you never dreamed possible. This erotic show is surely one that you won’t forget—and one that you’ll be coming back to see more than once.

Pricing: Perhaps the best part about Viladomat 208 is the fact that you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank when you go. Despite its luxurious atmosphere and sexy women, Viladomat charges some of the most reasonable prices. Find out its costs at 208 Gentlemen’s Club Barcelona prices!

Inside of the Bagdad Club Barcelona
  1. Bagdad Club Barcelona

This undoubtedly is one of the largest table dance Barcelona clubs in the city. It is an ideal place for individuals demanding a hyper-sexualized setting where explicit shows are not considered criminal acts. This is a private place where erogenous ladies showcase dance on the table. You can freely express your sexuality with no doubts or harassment. It is considered also one of the best.

Being one of the best table dance club in the city of Barcelona, they knows how to spoil you with loads of offerings and regular promotions which is going to delight you for sure. You will find plenty of things that set this place apart from the rest. One of them is their live adult show on stage every night they have three different shows. Another distinctive feature of Bagdad Club Barcelona is the free pick-up service wherever you are in the city. The club will make an arrangement for your transportation after you give them your location. Also, the club offers exclusive shows upon special request done at the VIP lounge.

Services: Bagdad Club offers a big range of services. Great porno artists from all over the world perform shows on the stage in this club. They offer varied live sex shows, lesbian show, porn show and live sex, transsexual shows and  private strippers. Great for bachelor party, dinner with erotic spectacle, webcam girls and more. This venue also offer free transportation included in the entry fee.

Pricing: Entry fee is starting from 90 € up to 299 € . Click the link for more information about pricing here: Bagdad Club Barcelona prices.

Beach Club Barcelona
  1. Beach Club Barcelona

This is other club you can opt for table dance in Barcelona. The stage is set each night to host the best strippers in Barcelona. The club has at least 60 professional dancers that will ensure you enjoy each and every minute of your time there. You will get acquainted with all the secrets of dance once they get to the pole dance bars and begin with striptease show. What is more, they also provide sequestered shows in VIP tables.

Beach Club is luxurious with 800 meters exclusively devoted to female eroticism. This will help you spend the most outstanding night of your life in the city. Besides, you will be provided with adequate spaces to revel in the pole dance as well as a lap dance show. The Beach Club have the entire nightlife you actually want with all the fun you dream of. It is a unique venue in the city with a quite luxurious setting which when accompanied with elegant strippers provides the best show ever for individuals who cherish exclusivity.

Irrespective of the reason why you are in the city, this table dance club in Barcelona will impart your night with thrill, excitement and every type of fun. What is more, you are guaranteed 100% secrecy- everything that occurs in the club remains in the club. Beach Club has its own cab and limo arrangements that will ensure you arrive in style.

Services: Striptease shows all night, private dance, lap dance, erotic shows, pole dance sessions, table dance. VIP table and bottle service for events, birthday party, stag party or corporate party. Included free transportation service with regular cars or limo service for their clients.

Pricing: Price for entrance is 30 € or 40 €, price of lap dance 70-200 €. The drinks are starting from 20 €. Check out the following information about: Beach Club Barcelona prices.

The Bottom Line

Strip Club Barcelona works in conjunction with all the major venues in the city to give an outstanding experience. Other packages, including transportation from wherever you may be, are offered as well as a cost-free drink for the evening. Your contentment is the key priority. This article has reviewed six of the best clubs where you can enjoy table dance in Barcelona. Try any one of them out and enjoy the experience.

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