Club Bagdad Barcelona Prices

Inside of the Bagdad Club Barcelona

Bagdad Club Barcelona is not for the faint of heart.

With one of the wildest adult entertainment shows in all of Barcelona, Bagdad Club is every man’s dream and we at Strip Club Barcelona can take you there.

Filled with beautiful women who are looking to please, this thrilling club even offers some live action on stage for you and your friends to watch.

This one-of-a-kind experience is sure to be unlike any other you’ve encountered elsewhere.

With the city’s top babes baring it all for you to see Bagdad Club offers nearly unparalleled adult entertainment.

Even better, Club Bagdad Barcelona prices are some of the best in the industry, making it easier than ever before to enjoy top-quality adult fun.

If you’re looking to take a trip to the city, make sure this great club is at the top of your list. From everything from adult shows to lap dances, this amazing club has what it takes to get your blood pumping. This venue is right in the red light district Barcelona.

Want to know if it’s in your budget?

Keep reading below as we breakdown Bagdad Barcelona prices.


At 90 €, Bagdad Club offers one of the cheapest entry fees of any club of its kind.

You may think this price is steep—but that’s only because you don’t know what’s included.

Not only do you get one free welcome cava drink, but a live show is also included.

That’s right—with your admission ticket, you’ll be gaining access to one of the hottest adult entertainment clubs and shows in all of Barcelona.

You’ll be able to get a first-hand view of some of the hottest babes on the stage.

We’re sure that this stunning show will do more than simply delight your eyes—it will have you coming back again and again.


No club would be worth its salt, however, if it didn’t offer quality drinks.

Fortunately, Bagdad offers a stunning array of drinks that are sure to meet just about anyone’s fancy.

The only drawback is that you can expect to pay a pretty steep price at the bar if you look to buy a drink.

At €20-30, drinks at Club Bagdad Barcelona prices are higher than similar venues in the area. That being said, the free live adult show will help keep your mind off the price of drinks.

And with the wide selection of unmatched beauties looking to please, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find other activities that don’t involve drinking.


For instance, you may find that you’d prefer to take your dinner while watching one of their engaging shows.

With some of the best chefs in the nightclub industry working behind the scenes, you’re sure to get a meal that will please your taste buds.

Best of all, Bagdad Club has several dinner options, giving you the flexibility to choose a dish that you enjoy.

Keep in mind, however, that the final price of the bill will depend on the meal you choose. With dinners that range from €40-€90, Bagdad Barcelona offers both casual and fine-dining options.

Bottle Service

If you’re hoping to cut down on the price of alcohol, there’s hope for you.

Bagdad Club offers one of the cheapest bottle services around. At just €300-350 for up to four people, Bagdad Club’s bottle service runs only around €70-90 a person.

This is a steep discount over the €30 a drink that you would spend at the bar.

And let’s not forget that it’s always better to get your bottles hand delivered by some of the fine beauties working at Bagdad.

No combination is better than fine women and alcohol, and you can be sure that at Bagdad, you will get them both—sometimes even at the same time.

Basic Strip Dance

Want to watch as Bagdad Club’s fine women show you what they’ve got for you?

A mesmerizing basic strip dance just €150.

Lap Dance

Want to get up-close-and-personal with some of the fine ladies of Club Bagdad Barcelona?

You can for just €150.

Make things better with a hot lap dance Barcelona that is sure to capture your complete attention.

Though the price may seem high, we’re confident that when you see the wonderful beauties in Bagdad Club, you’ll realize that no cost is too great.

Strip Show

You may prefer to cut the dance and simply watch as these sexy chicks undress in front of you.

Watch as the most beautiful women in the club lose their clothes all for your pleasure. You won’t even want to blink as they get down to their bare bodies and show you their fine figures underneath.

It will be the best €150 you ever spent.

Transsexual Show

Looking for something just a bit different?

Bagdad Club offers one of the most unique shows in the industry.

Their famed transsexual show offers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

If you’re looking for a great transsexual show, Bagdad Club will blow your mind.

With some of the hottest transsexuals in the city, Bagdad puts on a viewing that will leave your mouth watering.

Don’t miss out on this great show.

Priced at just €300, it’s sure to be one of the hottest and longest-lasting memories that you will make in Barcelona.

By coming to this club on your next trip, you can experience some of the hottest and most-original adult entertainment in Barcelona that the city has to offer now that you know about Club Bagdad Barcelona prices you can decide whether to come or not.

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