Red Light District Barcelona

The Red Light District In Barcelona

Las Ramblas, known for being the red light district of Barcelona, is the go-to place for party goers looking for a good time. This zone of the city has some of the hottest nightclubs, strip clubs, and assortment of bars in all of Europe.

Known as red light area in Barcelona, Las Ramblas is an inclusive environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds and national origins. With hundreds of tourists coming to Las Ramblas every weekend, this red light district is home to one of the world’s largest international parties every week!

Keep reading below for all the information you need to know about Las Ramblas and the red light district in Barcelona.

Las Ramblas Overview

There is no place in the world quite like Las Ramblas. Known officially as “La Rambla,” the beautiful, tree-lined street was once called by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca “the only street in the world which I wish would never end.” This may seem like high praise. But only if you’ve never been to this street before. Those who’ve been and experienced the street—particularly its rich nightlife—simply know it as “fitting” praise. That’s why this street is quickly becoming one of the city most visited areas—and why so many people are eager to return.

Regal during the day time and filled with eager pedestrians, Las Ramblas takes a wild turn at night, when one of the world’s best red light districts comes out of hiding. The street is actually de separation line between to old neighborhoods, El Gotico and El Raval. Both of them are most visited areas in the city together with El Born too which are by the way one next the other, so it is easy to visit them on the same day and in a walking area. Between these three quarters are two main streets, Via Laietana between El Born and El Gotico, and Las Ramblas street between El Gotico and El Raval. All these neighborhoods are well known for his clubs and bars in Barcelona and for his nightlife and also an area of Las Ramblas and old El Raval known for its many girls, sexual workers who are offering their sexual services once the night comes, is without a doubt the best Barcelona red light area.

Truly, it can be said that Las Ramblas does not wake up until the sun goes down. But don’t get wrong during the day it is full of tourists too and it’s quite hard to make your way through the streets because of so many people are in this area. Inside in these three districts you can find plenty of girls, let’s say it prostitutes, and you will find some strip clubs and bars where the world’s sexiest women throw off their clothes, top-quality beer is served over the counter, and unforgettable sexual encounters are made.

When the lights go out in Las Ramblas, the world’s best party begins.

Why Barcelona’s Las Ramblas?

There are places in the world that are beyond description. Las Ramblas is certainly one of them. There’s no better spot in the world for clubbing, drinking, or “sightseeing.” Without a doubt, it is home to the best Barcelona red light district and serves as a meeting place for curious—and aroused—travelers from all around the world. You don’t want to leave the street off your bucket list.

It’s time to seriously consider what a trip to Barcelona could do for you. There’s no better place to get away, especially if you are looking for a wild time. It’s no secret that the best nights are spent in this Spanish city. Just ask anyone who’s ever been to Las Ramblas and that is generally not just because of his nightlife or his red light area. The experience is as memorable as your first time—and much more enjoyable. Just make sure you keep the following information in mind.


Unfortunately, the high volume of tourists and the nature of these three quarters makes these areas one of the less-safe places in the city. Because tourists are often perceived to carry a large amount of cash—and because they are frequently drunk—it’s not uncommon for pickpockets and other thieves to be waiting to score a good haul. These nightly predators prey on the drunk and distracted, so take care to avoid any suspicious figures if you take a trip to the red light area in Barcelona.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon to encounter drug dealers on the street corners. While they usually sell petty drugs, keep a distance and don’t be lured by them—no matter what they offer, it’s not worth having legal trouble in a foreign country. By the way if you are interested in coffee shops where you can buy and smoke marijuana you can find a lot of them in these three quarters. They are actually works as associacions, not the typically coffee shops from Amsterdam so you will have to pay a membership and are legals so you can have this type of experience too in a safe environment and not buying on streets.

Parties turn wild in Las Ramblas, and those who are looking for a good time can always find it. This leads, of course, to a plethora of sexual encounters that could put you at risk if you don’t take the proper steps.

If you’re looking to go to this zone and street, there are some important strategies you can implement to have a safe and fun trip. While there, be sure to:

  • Travel in groups whenever possible: if you’re with a group of friends, it’s much less likely that you will be taken advantage of. Thieves and drug dealers will probably stay away from a larger group of people so as to not draw attention to themselves, and you’re less likely to make unchecked decisions while your inhibitions are lowered. You’ll also have more fun in groups as you take to the various nightclubs and see everything that these neighbourhoods has to offer. And if you’re with a group of people, you’re less likely to get lost along the way.
  • Wear protection: things can get steamy in Las Ramblas and his surroundings—that’s why this red light area is one of the greatest in the world. Be sure, however, to make good decisions as you engage in any type of sexual contact and be aware that you are at risk for several diseases. Wearing a condom is always a smart move for any type of sexual contact and can help ensure that you can make several more safe and successful trips to the red light district in Barcelona


There’s fun for everyone in this red light district and it has erotic venues for people of all sexual preferences and orientations—you just have to know where to look. Because of its open environment, El Born, El Gotico, El Raval are favorite destination of both gay and straight tourists hoping to check out the best Europe has to offer. Several erotic gay bars can be found in the red light area of the city, and men can find a pleasurable and steamy experience with the person of their choosing. And, as with many venues in these neighborhoods, several strip joints offer special services in the back—and they cater to a diverse clientele.

People come to this part of the city for one reason—to have a good time. With a fun and festive atmosphere, these quarters offers a little bit of something for everyone. So no matter who you are or what you like, if you’re planning a trip to this great city, consider visiting some of the steamiest clubs in Europe. Moeem, a popular gay bar in Carrer de Muntaner, 11, 08011 Barcelona, Spain, offers a spectacular venue and all the drinks you could want. Versailles, another gay bar in Passatge de Valeri Serra, 3, 08011 Barcelona, Spain, attracts a large clientele with its fun and casual atmosphere. With drinks available for people of all tastes, Versailles proves one of the hottest places for LGBT individuals in the city.

Those looking for a good time are sure to find something to their taste at Arena Sala Madre—a nightclub and gay bar located in Carrer de Balmes, 32, 08007 Barcelona, Spain which is by the way very close to Las Ramblas. With some of the city’s hottest EDM music and lighting, Arena Sala Madre offers a fun and unforgettable experience to clubgoers of all sorts. With tourists pouring in from all parts of the world, Arena Sala Madre proves to be one of the most popular gay venues in the city—and a great place to make an exciting connection.

For those looking to take their trip to the red light district to the next level, several erotic bars and escort services are available for people of all preferences. Don’t miss out on a chance to capitalize on some of Europe’s hottest fun when you visit the red light district in Barcelona.


You don’t know fun until you’ve been to Barcelona’s red light area. With beautiful women, dancers, and escorts of your choosing, Las Ramblas and his surrounding neighborhoods serves up some of the steamiest action in Europe. Drinks, fun, and music abound in these districts, making it one of the most-popular tourist destinations in the city. While out, be sure to stay safe while having a good time.

Take advantage of some of the hottest fun Europe has to offer by visiting one of the red light district’s many strip clubs. With both gay and straight bars, these supports individuals of all backgrounds and offers a fun night out to all people. So don’t miss out! Be sure to check out these venues for an unforgettable steamy experience. We’re sure you’ll thank yourself later. You can check also here the list of the top 15 best clubs in Barcelona.

Some of the best strip clubs and bars from Europe are in Barcelona

We can’t finish talking about the red light district in the city and not to mention some of the strip bars and clubs even if they are not in the above mentioned neighborhoods. It’s a fact: the world’s sexiest women live in Barcelona, and the wildest work in the city. The countless strip clubs and erotic bars that dot the famous city aren’t for the faint of heart—or groin. If you plan on visiting any of these world-famous joints, just know this: there’s no way you can prepare. There’s a 100% guarantee you’ll go home with a satisfaction you’ve never felt before. And with the girls from these clubs on your mind.

To get you started, here are some of the best strip bars and clubs in Barcelona.

Inside of the Bagdad Club Barcelona

Sala Bagdad Barcelona

This club offers an erotic experience that you will have a hard time forgetting. The Sala Bagdad is perfect for those looking for an edgy night out, it is probably the only venue in Europe where you can watch live sex on stage while you can have some drinks and dinner. Yes you read it well, we talk about live porno on the stage. Take in the atmosphere and enjoy the bumping music, fresh beer, and tempting porno stars and strippers. Let your inhibitions go.

It’s not tea time in Bagdad.

You’re dealing with big girls here, and they know how to play. If you’re looking for a truly wild night, go with a group. These strippers know how to work a crowd and will bend over backwards for the right price. Just make sure you enjoy the view.

Recommendation: Book in advance in the weekends is crowded and there are limited tables and sitting places. They have 3 live sex shows on the stage every day at 23h – 01h – 03h. Book for one of the shows in advance.

Prices: Normal entrance is 90 € with 1 welcome drink included, 130 € drink, dinner, 1 strip dance for the group and the live porno show on stage included. In the price you get included a free pick up service too. Check different packages and offers here.

Inside the Darling Club Barcelona

Darling Club Barcelona

Looking for something with a little more class? Darling Club is perfect for you. Enjoy good drinks, fine music, and professional girls who aren’t afraid to show you what they’ve got. Darling Strip Club is perfect for those looking for the right “vibe.”

Take a moment and relax at one of this city finest clubs even if it’s not in the red light district of Barcelona, the club is situated in the “good zone” of the city. This fact can give you more safety feelings so you can let your problems disappear one-by-one with each drop of clothing and take in the moment with a good glass of beer in Darling Club where you can enjoy lap dance, table dance or private dance.

Looking for something private? Go behind the scenes and let one of this club “darlings” show you the true meaning of “hot girls in Barcelona”. The club has ten thematic suites so you can have a private room to enjoy some intimate moments with the girls.

Recommendations: Online tickets also include a drink and cost less than a drink would at the bar. Prices for drinks at the bar starting from 20 €. No dressing code, wear comfortable clothes and enjoy the shows. Recommended to pay with cash and if you use a credit card double check what they charge you in order to avoid any bad surprise of overcharging.

Prices: Normal entrance is 20 € with 1 drink included, 30 € with 2 drinks included, bottle service starts at 250 € up to 5 persons. In the price you get included a free pick up service too. Get your ticket with 5 € discount in advance here.

Inside the Blue Night Club Barcelona

Blue Night Club Barcelona

Not all strip clubs are created equal.

And that’s good.

Because they’re not meant to be.

Blue Night offers a lively environment with world-famous cocktails. Perfect for groups, this renowned Barcelona club is as cozy as they come.

But not any less fun.

Enjoy a wild night watching some of the most beautiful girls on the planet take you to a new level with their erotic shows and table dancing. Embrace the atmosphere.

At this sexy, stylish venue, one thing is for sure: your night will be anything but “blue.”

Recommendations: Online tickets include a drink and cost less than a drink would cost at the bar. Prices for drinks at the bar starting from 20 €. No dressing code, wear comfortable clothes and enjoy the shows. Recommended to pay with cash and if you use a credit card double check what they charge you in order to avoid any bad surprise of overcharging.

Prices: Normal entrance is 20 € with 1 drink included, 30 € with 2 drinks included, bottle service starts at 250 € up to 5 persons. In the price you get included a free pick up service too. Buy your ticket in advance with 5 € discount here.

Inside of the Bacarra Club Barcelona

Bacarra Club Barcelona

Nobody ever said you had to be a good guy.

A trip to Barcelona means a lot of things—and finding a high-quality striptease and pole dance shows is certainly one of them. This Spanish city is well known world-wide to be the best when it comes to strip bars and clubs. That’s why thousands of people flock to there every year, just to say they’ve gone.

You certainly don’t want to miss your chance.

Bacarra Club Barcelona allows you to find just the right girl. Brush up on your Spanish and spend a good time with her. It will likely be unforgettable.

Bacarra allows you to spend a good time—while still being classy. Have the night of your life with the girl of your dreams, all for prices that won’t rob your wallet.

Sound like fun? It should. It’s only every man’s dream.

Recommendations: Online tickets include a drink and cost less than a drink would cost at the bar. Drinks at the bar starting from 20 €. No dressing code. Recommended to pay with cash and if you use a credit card double check what they charge you in order to avoid any bad surprise of overcharging.

Prices: Normal entrance is 20 € with 1 drink included, 30 € with 2 drinks included, 40 € with 3 drinks included, bottle service starts at 250 € up to 5 persons. In the price you get included also a free pick up service with the club cars. Get your ticket here with 5 € discount in advance.

Sala X Red Light District Barcelona

Sala X

If you’re looking for something a little edgier, try out Sala X. Located in El Raval in Las Ramblas, Sala X is similar to Barcelona’s legendary Bagdad—for a fraction of the price. Sala X is everything “red light” rolled into one. Famous for its peep show, it also has a bar and an extensive sex shop.

I think the saying goes something like this: “What happens at Sala X, stays at Sala X.”

Or I could be making that up. Either way, it’s certainly a good motto. Though the joint will certainly offer you a good time, you may just witness something you’ve never seen in public before if you check out this spot in the red light area of Barcelona.