What You Should Know About Erotic Massages in Barcelona

Erotic Massage Barcelona

Barcelona is known as the party capital of the world, but did you know that it’s also a great place to relax? And nothing says relaxation better than an erotic massage in Barcelona.

When it comes to getting an erotic massage, this city is where you want to be. With a number of trained massage professionals—who are all beautiful, stunning women—the city puts the spark back into your vacation. Fun, engaging, and good for your health, Barcelona’s erotic massages can turn an already wild vacation into something of legendary proportions.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting an erotic massage in Barcelona. By the end of this piece, you’ll know what these steamy massages are, what they can do for you, and the best places where to go to get one.

Excited? We are, too! Keep reading to find out how you can get the ultimate erotic massage in Europe’s best party city!

What Is an Erotic Massage?

Let’s start from the beginning. Before we discuss why you should get that sexy massage in Barcelona, let’s first define what that is. What exactly can you expect from the ordeal?

It’s actually quite simple. Erotic masseuses aim to please their clients by stimulating sexual organs through verified massage techniques. A central focus of the technique is heightening sexual tension for climatic release (orgasm). Like other forms of massages, these sex-oriented experiences are performed by licensed professionals—guaranteeing a fun, wild, and potentially healing experience.

In simple terms, erotic massages come with a happy ending.

Most erotic massages in Barcelona fall under the “tantra massage” category. The term refers to a new-age massage technique that combines elements of sexual therapy, yoga, and massage therapy to provide a massage experience that’s both sexy and healing. Later on in this guide, we’ll introduce a number of erotic and tantra massage parlors in Barcelona so that you can get the sexual experience you deserve.

Benefits of Erotic Massages:

What are the reasons you should get an erotic massage in Barcelona? As you’ll see, there are a number of reasons

  • Reduce Stress

A wealth of research shows the benefits of tantra massages on stress and anxiety reduction. It’s not hard to see why. With a Barcelona massage, you’ll be able to release that pent up pressure and anxiety. Simply put, erotic massages are more than just a sexual high—though that’s certainly the fun part of it. Instead, the happy ending associated with these massages refers to an extended period of peace that comes as a result of orgasm.

It’s no wonder, then, that Barcelona massage parlors have become a top destination for businessmen and other individuals all around the world. With over sixteen million foreign visitors per year, the city sees an incredible amount of tourism—much of which relates directly to the nation’s top-of-the-line sex massage industry.

  • Stimulate Libido

It may come as no surprise that erotic massage parlors in Barcelona are also excellent at stimulating libido. What better way to get your juices flowing than to be worked on intimately by a beautiful woman who has all the right moves? Erotic massages allow you to re-channel your energies by letting go of tension and unblocking psychological and physical channels that are necessary for proper functioning.

With a massage in Barcelona, you’ll be able to rekindle that sex drive and get back to being a monster in bed. For this reason, you don’t want to miss out on the top-notch massage parlors we’ve included at the bottom of this guide!

  • Improve Performance

Erotic massages also give you the opportunity to improve your performance—and we don’t just mean in bed. With less stress and improved mental clarity, you’ll be able to perform better in the classroom and on the job. Remember that while erotic massage parlors are a great way to experience intense sexual passion and fun, they bill themselves largely as healing centers. Take advantage of these dual benefits so that you can have the time of your life—even long after your massage has ended!

Types of Erotic Massages In Barcelona

Types of Erotic Massages In Barcelona

Sound good? Wait until you hear this: there are a variety of erotic massage techniques that you can experience in Barcelona. These wild and stimulating techniques will bring new meaning to the phrase “good time.”

Which of the following would you like to try? You can do it all!

  • Prostate Massage

Ready for a beautiful girl to find that proverbial G-spot? Prostate massages are among the most sensual of all erotic Barcelona massages. The massage itself involves stimulation of the prostate organ, either externally for more mild-matured clients or internally for those with a bit of a wild side.

Prostate massages are offered at several massage places in Barcelona and are available for all types of clients! Whether you’re a total beginner or get your erotic massages on the regular, the incredible establishments have what it takes to accommodate your needs.

Four Hands Erotic Massage Barcelona
  • Four Hands

If one masseuse can bring you to ecstasy, imagine what two can do! Fortunately, several massage parlors in Barcelona offer intense, four hands massages that allow you double the fun. Have every muscle group in your body touched, smoothed, and kneaded by the best in the business. Two pairs of hands will simultaneously work you to climax—and that’s just the start of it!

Some institutions allow you to mix and match your masseurs for ultimate variety! This means that you can get worked on by both women and men at the same time—or any combination that you like!

Release your stress and your sexual buildup with an intimate massage that will work you until you explode!

Body To Body Erotic Massage Barcelona
  • Body-Body

A body-to-body massage in Barcelona will get you closer than ever to that beautiful masseuse. This technique involves rubbing the oiled body of the masseuse against the body of the client, resulting in a highly sensual and erotic experience that just might put you over the edge. For many clients, this is the ultimate happy ending massage, getting you closer than ever to the smooth, trained body of a woman.

Couples Massage Barcelona
  • Couple Massages

Why go it alone? With an erotic couples massage, you can take your vacation to new heights. Barcelona’s famed erotic massage parlors allow you and your partner to enjoy a sexy experience together with one or more masseuses!

If you find your sex life stalling, you’ll want to try out the incredible erotic couple massages. These massages will bring you closer together while helping both of you get off to an ultra-sensual high. Tantra massages for couples in Barcelona are an increasingly popular option with both locals and tourists, so make sure to look into it for that extra steamy encounter.

Sound like something you’re into? Make sure to keep reading to find out the best erotic massage salons in Barcelona!

Why Barcelona?

With all this being said, why should you choose this city as your erotic massage destination? It’s not hard to see why. In this section, we’ll go over just a few of the factors that make the city the top choice for that raunchy massage:

  • Reputation

Barcelona has long been considered the king of European nightlife. From one-of-a-kind bars to strip club Barcelona you’ll have to see to believe, the city is the undisputed leader of sex-themed nightlife and the best brothels in Barcelona. This makes it the ultimate place to get that sexy erotic massage. The masseuses in Barcelona are well-versed in the techniques designed to bring you orgasmic pleasure.

And this reputation is well-deserved. According to clients who’ve traveled to these famed massage joints, no one does it like the girls in this city. For this reason, you want to make sure to keep reading and find the best erotic massage parlors that fit your needs and budget.

  • Variety

So why, exactly, is this reputation justified? It starts with the incredible variety of sexual massages offered in Barcelona. As we’ve already touched on, there are a number of massage types provided by Barcelona masseuses. Whether you’re looking for something more standard or want something as adventurous as penetration, this city has you covered.

The fantastic massage joints in Barcelona provide you with the opportunity to get your tantric massage from men, women, or both! Both thrill-seekers and those looking to cure some ailment can find everything they’re looking for in this city, which is home to a large number of erotic massage salons and should be anyone’s first choice to experience tantra firsthand.

  • Bargains

Need another reason to choose Barcelona as your erotic massage destination? How about this one: the city is home to some of the most affordable massage parlors anywhere. Combine this with the care, expertise, and quality that you’ll get from these destinations, and you’ve got a bargain you simply can’t turn down.

Erotic And Tantra Massage Parlors In Barcelona

Best Erotic Massage Parlours in Barcelona

Wondering where the best place for that massage is? In this section, we’ll go over some of the best erotic massage salons in Barcelona so that you can get that steamy hands-on action you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Erotic Massage

The name says it all. Erotic Massage is one of the top places for a happy ending massage anywhere in Barcelona. This first-rate establishment features ten unbelievably sexy masseuses who are more than willing to push you over the edge. Both women and men at Erotic Massage service clients with intimate, sexy sessions that work your sexual organs and bring you to a state of ecstasy.

The best part? Every one of the masseuses at this erotic massage parlor doubles as a model. This is designed to take your sexual experience to the next level. Ready to feel the touch of a young, warm body against your naked skin? That’s exactly what you can get with an erotic massage at this incredible parlor.

Just what services does Erotic Massage offer? Let’s take a look:

  • Yoni and Lingam Massages

Never heard the terms before? It’s time you found out. Yoni and lingam massages refer to gender-specific, targeted massages that are designed to heighten arousal while massaging human pleasure organs. Through these, clients can relieve stress, tension, anxiety, and worries through deep relaxation techniques aimed at facilitating orgasm.

Specifically, yoni massages are meant for women and target the vagina for intense stress relief and sexual pleasure. Similarly, lingam massages focus on the male sex organs as a way to stimulate arousal and relieve any issues the client may be having.

Receiving a yoni or lingam massage at Erotic Massage in Barcelona is a great way to get things off your chest, so consider trying it for yourself!

  • Tibetan Massage

A sexy massage involving the use of erotic oils, Tibetan massages are designed to improve blood flow through the oxygenation of blood throughout the body. This can increase arousal and erection in men, potentially helping with related illnesses. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to get your freak back, a Tibetan massage in this saloon is a great way to start!

  • Nuru Massage

A technique that originated in Japan, Nuru massages involve the use of special nuru gel to coat the body and create friction between the masseuse and the client. This full body experience is guaranteed to heighten arousal and get your blood flowing for an incredibly good time.

In addition to these massages, you can experience the incredible four hands, prostate, and other massages mentioned before! This makes Erotic Massage one of the top sexy massage destinations anywhere in Barcelona!

Still not enough? Try your luck with any one of these amazing add-ons:

  • Strap-On
  • Erotic Shower
  • VIP Jacuzzi

These stellar add-ons may cost a bit extra, but they give you the freedom to explore your sexuality and promote your sexual health and well-being at the same time.

So don’t wait! Make sure to try out Erotic Massage if you’re looking for the ultimate erotic massage parlor in Barcelona!

  1. Body Massage Barcelona

Prepare for an incredible sexual experience in this place! This tantra massage parlor in Barcelona brings you a variety of massage techniques designed to heighten sexual pleasure and release stress and tension throughout the body and mind. With five beautiful masseuses on hand to give you just the massage you need, this top Barcelona massage parlor should be toward the top of anyone’s list.

What services does the parlor offer? Let’s find out:

  • Thai Interactive Massage

Lie down on a cooling tatami mat while a beautiful masseuse rubs her oiled body up and down your naked frame. The Thai Interactive Massage option is a great relaxation package that will make you more relaxed—and aroused—than ever before!

  • Body Tantra

This interactive option uses Asian massage techniques to get you relaxed and aroused and allows you to make things even better by caressing and interacting with your masseuse. The Body Tantra massage is sure to bring you to climax and reduce that stress that’s been plaguing you!

  • Body Supreme

This erotic body-to-body massage will have you in a state of ultimate arousal as the masseuse rubs her nude body up and down your frame and plays with your sensual organs. The Body Supreme package offers the greatest relaxation massage can give through proven techniques that also stimulate arousal and help you achieve climax.

And that’s just the start! Make sure to check out this top Barcelona massage parlor yourself to see what more they offer!

  1. Aura

One of the top erotic massage salons in Barcelona, Aura gives you a personalized experience for heightened arousal. If you’re looking for an intense atmosphere and unmatched ambiance, you want to check out Aura for yourself. The establishment is run by Aura herself, an expert in the field of tantric massage who is sure to give you a time you’ll remember forever. In addition, two other model-like masseuses and one gorgeous masseur are there to help give you that ultimate Barcelona massage experience.

Just what services does the parlor offer? Let’s take a brief look at just a few:

  • Futon-Lingam

Want something simple? Get a dreamy lingam massage by the best in the business on a comfortable futon that’s sure to heighten your relaxation. Designed to bring well-being, the massage is also a sexual experience like no other—especially when given at Aura.

  • Sublime Erotic Tantric Massage

The Sublime Erotic Tantric Massage option will help you achieve a huge climax through intense body-to-body movements and expert techniques that will have your entire body in a state of arousal. The beautiful masseuses who work at Aura will get you more aroused than ever before for a release of tension and stress so enormous you’ll be seeing clearer for weeks to come!

  1. Blue Sapphire

Jump into the lap of luxury at the Barcelona joint known for its high-class ambiance and state-of-the-art facilities. Blue Sapphire is home to some of the best in the business, making it a prime location for your next erotic massage. The tantric massages performed at this salon are all given by trained professionals, who, in addition to their high-level skills, are all young, fit, and beautiful for a heightened sexual experience. If you’re looking for the ultimate in sex massage relaxation, there’s simply no better place to visit than Blue Sapphire.

What can you expect to experience at this world-class parlor? More than you may think. Knowing this, let’s take a brief look at just a few of the services offered to you at Blue Sapphire:

  • Erotic Shower

What’s sexier than a steamy shower with a hot babe of your choosing? Get into the tub with a sexy masseuse who’s more than willing to gel you up, dance on your body, and touch all the right places. An erotic shower is the perfect way to release all that tension you’ve been carrying around (while also getting an eyeful of a beautiful model-like masseuse).

  • Tantric Massage

Take it straight from the shower to the bed with the ultimate tantric massage. This massage will get that sexy babe straight onto your body, touching all the right spots, and working your chakras to open blocked energy points and relieve tension. A tantra massage in Barcelona at Blue Sapphire will also help you relieve that sexual energy through an enormous climax!

  • Sensual Massage

Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to end. With the sensual massage option, you can get oiled up with your favorite essential oils and get that hands on action you’ve been craving from an unbelievably hot masseuse (or masseur). Want to take things up a notch? You can do so by wearing masks and really getting freaky during your session.

And it doesn’t end there! With tons of variety, the parlor offers just about any variety of massage you could ask for. If you are so inclined, be sure to check out their “rainbow” massage for gays, couple massages, four hands massages, and more! No matter what, you are sure to fall in love with the experienced and beautiful masseuses who turn you on and help you reach that powerful climax.

  1. Erotic Massage Dharma (Masajes Dharma)

Take your Barcelona erotic massage to the next level with a trip to Masajes Dharma! This world-famous massage parlor has everything you need for that perfect sensual experience! Simply put, the place has more variety than just about any other, which makes for the ultimate customized massage.

Just what makes this establishment first-rate? It starts with the eighteen model masseuses who come from all around the world to work at Masajes Dharma. These women aren’t just experts at what they do—they are also some of the best in the business. But it doesn’t end there! This massage parlor in Barcelona also boasts sexy, well-trained, and fit masseurs who total eight in number and give both heterosexual and homosexual massages! That’s right—you don’t need to be straight to get a massage at Masajes Dharma!

In fact, you don’t even need to be in the binary! Masajes Dharma further boasts two transsexual masseuses who are more than willing to give you that bit of steamy fun you’ve been looking for.

With all that being said, what services can you expect at this great massage joint? Let’s take a look:

  • Fetish Fantasy Massage

In addition to standard massages such as four hands and nuru, Masajes Dharma offers an array of exciting massage packages that you’ll want to take advantage of. Start with the Fetish Fantasy Massage option! This one-of-a-kind option lets you explore just about any fetish you may have—from foot play to strap-on domination and anal stimulation. For sure, this is one happy ending massage in Barcelona that’s totally customized to your needs and desires!

  • Obscene Passion Massage

Don’t let it stop there, however, the Obscene Passion Massage package is one of the most complete erotic Barcelona massage packages we’ve seen anywhere. The option allows you to relax with a glass of tea, enjoy a nice foam bubble bath, get massaged, and enjoy sexual stimulation by a masseuse of your choosing. This package also involves an array of toys and two surprise endings that are sure to have you climaxing!

  • Sensual Deluxe Massage

This erotic massage option is perfect for those who wish to relax! Start off with a sexy shower with your masseuse before gravitating to a massage that will have your heart racing. The Sensual Deluxe Massage uses tantric techniques to get you more stimulated than ever before. Enjoy anal play and other kinks with this package, which can easily turn into a couples massage for just a few euros more.

  1. Massage Hotel Barcelona

Massage Hotel Barcelona, or Masajes Hotel, gives you one of the most erotic sex massages in all of Barcelona. If you’re looking for sexy fun with model-like experts who know all the right moves, you should definitely consider this destination. This massage parlor boasts an incredible twenty-four masseuses, with two sexy masseurs who are more than happy to take care of clients as well.

One of the best tantra massage parlors in Barcelona, Massage Hotel Barcelona allows you to experience a wide range of relaxing and sexy massages that are good for the body and the mind. Knowing this, let’s take a look at just what you can expect from this stellar establishment:

  • Interactive Couples Massages

Don’t go it alone! Massage Hotel Barcelona is known for their incredible couples massages, which are highly interactive and let you pick up two masseuses for ultimate pleasure! If you’re looking for a way to rekindle your sex life and bring more positivity into your relationship, you should be sure to try this great option from Massage Hotel Barcelona!

  • Four Hands Massage

But who says you have to share? You can get two masseuses all to yourself with a four hands massage that feels out of this world. Enjoy a wide range of sexy activities with two beautiful babes who are moving in harmony to bring you maximum pleasure.

  • Carpe Diem Massage

Just for men, the Carpe Diem Massage allows you to enjoy relaxing Thai massage techniques before moving into a lingam massage that involves penis and prostate play. Performed by a beautiful masseuse of your choosing, this option is sure to help you blow off some steam!

  1. Eden Masajes

Want to get worked on by some of the best and sexiest in the business? Then a trip to Eden Masajes is in order. This fantastic Barcelona erotic massage parlor features fifteen professionals (fourteen masseuses and one masseur) who are ready to take your sexual massage experience to the next level. Eden Masajes is known for both their variety of masseuses and their variety of massage options.

Just how many massage packages are there to choose from, you may ask? The answer may surprise you: in total, the massage salon offers eleven unique options to give you just what you want from your Barcelona massage.

Let’s take a look at what Eden Masajes offers:

  • Eden Relax

If you’re looking for something basic, you can’t beat the Eden Relax massage given at Eden Masajes. This option combines thirty minutes of classic massage with thirty minutes of sensual stimulation to give you the best of both worlds. Kick back and relax during the first half of the session and finish it off with an enormous climax at the end.

  • Eden Games

Into something a little wilder? The Eden Games option gives you the opportunity to interact with your masseuse in new and exciting ways. Wear a costume and do other sensual activities so that you can stimulate arousal and get the most out of your session.

  • Spicy Games Strap-on

Take it a little further with this spicy option. The Spicy Games Strap-on package allows you to get penetrated deep by a beautiful Barcelona babe. The massage is meant to stimulate the male G-spot, bringing about a more intense orgasm and releasing more pressure.

Like what you see? These are just the start of the parlor’s diverse and exciting options! Against this backdrop, make sure to check out Eden Masajes for yourself to find out what all you can get!

  1. Masajes Shiva

Looking for a new age massage with an old age touch? Masajes Shiva uses ancient Indian healing techniques with modern-day massage methods backed by science to give you the Barcelona massage that you deserve. This famed establishment has emerged as one of the top destinations in the entire city for a reason. With a calming, sensual ambiance, Masajes Shiva is the perfect place for an erotic sexy massage.

But what makes it one of the best massage salons in Barcelona? For starters, Masajes Shiva gives you the ultimate flexibility in how you want your massage done. In other words, you get to choose the sounds, smells, and masseuses (or masseurs) who will work on you. This customization allows you to get the massage you deserve in an environment that’s tailored to your needs.

And that’s just the start. Take a look below at the incredible array of services that are offered at Masajes Shiva:

  • Brahma Massage

Testing the waters? Start with the Brahma massage. Sessions range between forty-five minutes to an hour and give you the opportunity to try out the parlor’s basic sensual massages. The techniques used are designed to release the tension throughout your body and give you a sexual release boasting both psychological and physical benefits.

  • Vishnu Massage

Also called the “sensitive” massage, this is a gentle, sensual experience that will slowly work up your sexual passions until you are brought to release. The Vishnu massage is designed to wipe away your cares, giving you increased physical freedom and mental clarity.

  • Kamasutra Massage (Double Lingam)

This is one massage that’s as sexy as it sounds. If you want an expert of hands working on your body in a range of sensual positions, the Kamasutra massage should be your top option. This incredible technique will have you more aroused than ever as you interact with a beautiful masseuse who knows exactly where to touch to make you climax. The Kamasutra massage allows you to experience a variety of techniques, including Thai, body-body, and tantric.

In other words, it’s the ultimate package deal! If you’re looking for a comprehensive massage that will tackle all your paint points, make sure to try out this erotic massage in Barcelona!

Impressed? This is just the start! With such a broad range of options to choose from, Masejas Shiva should be on anyone’s list of erotic massage parlors.

  1. ElixirBCN

For nearly half a decade, ElixirBCN has offered top-quality erotic massages in Barcelona. One of the newer establishments, the location has quickly become one of the most-visited destinations around. ElixirBCN boasts an incredible eight female masseuses and two male masseurs—all of whom are young, trained, and sexually-appealing. This makes the location a prime destination for that sexy massage you’ve been dreaming of!

One of the top tantra massage locations in the city, ElixirBCN boasts a variety of packages and massages that you’ll want to try for yourself. Let’s take a look:

  • Massage Elixir Silver

Start with a simple massage with the company’s famed silver package. With this deal, you can enjoy a nude, oiled massage from one of the ten incredible masseuses who have built the location’s world-class reputation.

  • Elixir Gold Massage

Want to try a little bit more? With the gold option, you’ll be able to take a shower with your masseuse before moving to the tatami mats for a bit of steamy fun. Wash down with a beautiful babe of either gender and then feel their hands and body all over your own until you reach your climax.

  • Elixir Duo

Make things even sexier with the Elixir Duo package. Have two women, two men, or one of each rub down your body and tackle every muscle group in a sensual massage that ends with your ejaculation.

In addition to these incredible options, you can also enjoy a tantra massage for couples in Barcelona and other incredible options. Because no place can top the sexual ambiance of ElixirBCN, make sure that you book your own trip today!

  1. Tantra Body Massages

Tantra Body Massages combines the best in massage science with the wonders of Asian massage techniques to give you a relaxing and sensual massage experience like no other. Using essential oils, Thai massage therapy, and Thai incense, the location creates an irresistible environment. Customers love the ambiance given by the erotic aromas and the feel of the tatami mats.

What’s more, each room is designed with unbeatable Feng shui so that you can get the psychological benefits of the practice and a more calming sensation. This makes Tantra Body Massages an incredible choice for your next Barcelona massage.

But just what can you expect from a trip to Tantra Body Massages? Let’s take a brief look:

  • Body-to-Body

Get ready for an hour of unrivaled sensual fun and relaxation. Tantra Body Massages believes that 60% of sensations are transmitted through body-to-body contact, making this form of massage a staple at the destination. Feel the ecstasy as an oiled woman rubs her nude body up and down your naked frame. The sensations from this massage are incredible and sure to bring you over the edge in an unbelievable climax!

  • Nuru Gel Massage

Make things even sexier with a steamy nuru gel massage that’s sure to get your blood pumping and your you-know-what throbbing. This Barcelona massage starts with the masseuse rubbing dermatologically-tested nuru gel across every surface of your body. Then, the masseuse will massage the gel in deep so that you feel relaxed and refreshed. As a closer, the massage ends with intense body-to-body contact that’s sure to get you over the edge.

  • Four Hands Massage

Tantra Body Massages lets you take things a step further with a four hands massage that will give you the luxury of enjoying two sets of hands working your body and sexual organs. The two masseuses will work in sync to give you an erotic massage like you’ve never experienced before!

The best part? Tantra Body Massages allows you to select your own masseuses so that you can get the experience you want! This personalized massage is a great way to relieve stress and get that load off your chest.

Tantalized by any of these amazing options? If so, you’ll want to check them out for yourself and see which ones are right for you! Getting your next erotic massage in Barcelona could be the highlight of your upcoming vacation, so make sure to review each option carefully so you’ve got all bases covered!

Erotic Nuru Massage Barcelona

The Bottom Line

Tired, stressed, or just not feeling it in the bedroom? It’s time to get that sexy massage to stimulate your passions and reinvigorate your energy! Erotic massages in Barcelona can bring about a wide array of physical and psychological benefits that you don’t want to miss out on!

In this guide, we went over everything you need to know about erotic massages—from what they are and their benefits to their variety and where to get them. With this guide, you are more prepared than ever to get that sensual massage experience you’ve been looking for. Whether you plan on going alone or as a couple, make sure to use this guide as your ultimate reference for receiving a sexy massage in Barcelona!

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