Bagdad Club Barcelona

* The packages are valid for any day, before you buy you have to choose the date of the booking.
* You have to confirm the hour of arrival to the club in order to enjoy one of the three live porno shows on the stage,
3 live shows every day at 23h – 01h – 03h

Party Barcelona and Bagdad Club Barcelona Packages.

Bagdad Club Basic

Party Barcelona and Bagdad Club Barcelona Packages.

Bagdad Club Silver

Party Barcelona and Bagdad Club Barcelona Packages.

Bagdad Club Gold

Party Barcelona and Bagdad Club Barcelona Packages.

Bagdad Club Platinum

Live Porno Show On Stage
Bagdad Barcelona

The Bagdad Club Barcelona is one of the best strip bars and clubs not just in our city, but the whole of the world! Here at Strip Club Barcelona, we have a great relationship with this venue so that means we are able to offer you the most amazing packages you will find online. We offer four fantastic packages so no matter your budget you will be able to have fun at this venue!

What Are The Different Bagdad Packages?

We offer four exciting packages for you guys. So no matter if you have heard all the hype of the famous Bagdad Club Barcelona live porno show on stage or if you have just heard how incredibly hot the ladies here are and how cold the drinks are. We will make sure that you are taken care of, no matter what kind of budget you are working with.

Bagdad Club Basic: This is the most basic package that we offer and it offers you a night at the famous club for a very reasonable price. It is the ideal package if you want to party, but not spend too much money.

Bagdad Club Silver: Our silver package gives you that little bit extra such as a nice meal and a bottle of the good stuff. It is a great package if you want to add a meal to your group’s crazy antics.

Bagdad Club Gold: Next up we have our awesome gold package and if you want a lap dance as well as taking in the live porno shows then this is the package for you. You get a truly amazing experience with this package!

Bagdad Club Platinum: Our highest package the platinum package is here for you high rollers who want the best of the best. You get all that you get with the other packages, but this time we hook you up a fine bottle of cava.

Are There Any Extras I Can Add?

As we know the people at Bagdad Barcelona so well we are able to offer you the best deals, but as well as our four fantastic packages we also have some great extras. You just need to get in touch with us and we can arrange for your group things like a limo service, lap dances, pole dance, your drinks for your night and so on. Please just click one of our superb packages and you will get the details of what kind of extras you can add to your package. Please note that none of the extras are essential for any of our packages. They are just there to add a little bit of spice to your evening.

How Do I Book?

We have made things as easy as possible for you. Just click on the package you are interested in. You can then choose how many people are part of your group. Then all you need to do is pick the date you want to go to Bagdad and add any extras that you may be interested in. We are always on hand to help you with any questions you may have. When you come to our city and are looking for a little bit of that exciting nightlife there is nothing more exciting than Bagdad Barcelona. This is the best venue if you want to take in a live sex show, live porno show on stage, get a lap dance, table dance or just kick back with a few drinks and take in everything that is going on. No matter if it is for a stag night, a buddies birthday or just a wild guys weekend, Bagdad Club Barcelona is the place you want to be.