The 19 Best Night Clubs In Barcelona

The Top Best 19 Night Clubs In Barcelona

Barcelona prides itself on possessing a thriving nightlife that ranks among the finest in the world. With a collection of premier electronic music venues, there’s something to suit every taste.

Consistently dominating the European party circuit, the city’s nightclubs and bars are poised to shape the future of its vibrant nightlife.

Whether you’re seeking out the world’s most extraordinary establishments or simply in search of a good time, deciding which nightclub to visit can be a daunting task.

No need to fret! We have curated a comprehensive list of Barcelona’s top 19 clubs, saving you valuable time and eliminating any unnecessary hassle. Read on to discover more about each venue.

Opium Barcelona Club
  1. Opium Barcelona

Why you should go: Regarded as the ultimate nightclub hotspot in Barcelona, Opium Club Barcelona boasts a prime beachfront location with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to its exceptional setting, Opium has emerged as the city’s most sought-after nightclub, attracting world-renowned DJs and artists to grace its stage.

For those seeking an unforgettable clubbing experience, Opium offers unparalleled views and entertainment. Compared to other venues in Barcelona, Opium provides a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere that appeals to both locals and tourists.

As a favored destination among international travelers, Opium hosts one of the world’s most epic nightly parties. Come and mingle with friends from around the globe while indulging in a unique culinary and cocktail journey.

With impeccable service and a stellar selection of beverages, Opium lives up to its reputation as a high-end establishment catering to all.

Featuring a mesmerizing design aimed at enhancing your clubbing experience, including a “Secret Room” where you can dance until the break of dawn, Opium Barcelona delivers one of the most extraordinary nightclub experiences available.

Schedule: Sunday – Thursday until 17:00 (5:00 PM) and Friday – Saturday 12:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Price: 10 – 300 €

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Jamboree Barcelona Club
  1. Jamboree

Why you should go: Jamboree Club Barcelona sets itself apart from other clubs by delivering an electrifying live jazz music experience. Whether you’re seeking elegance or simply looking to explore something different, Jamboree Jazz & Dance Club offers the best of both worlds with a mix of sophisticated jazz tunes and contemporary dance hits played every night!

For those in search of a refined evening of jazz and wine with friends or a special someone, the top level of Jamboree Jazz & Dance Club is the perfect destination. The upper level provides an intimate and mature ambiance, offering a unique experience within Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife.

Not in the mood for jazz? No worries! Just head downstairs to the basement level and immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of modern dance and hip-hop. Amp up the party by descending to the lower level for a night of wild dancing and pure fun. Jamboree stands out as one of the top venues, providing two distinct nightlife opportunities.

Never experience boredom! With Jamboree’s diverse range of offerings, you’ll never tire of the excitement it delivers—certainly not as quickly as you would at other places. Jamboree has rightfully earned its reputation as one of Barcelona’s finest clubs, ensuring you’ll keep coming back for more!

Schedule: Sunday – Saturday 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Price: The Hip-Hop disco is just 5 € from Sunday to Wednesday and only 10 € from Thursday to Saturday

Razzmatazz Barcelona
  1. Razzmatazz

Why you should go: Are you in search of an unforgettable nightclub experience? Look no further than Razzmatazz Club Barcelona!

With its stellar reputation and near-perfect ratings from club-goers, Razzmatazz has been captivating party enthusiasts for years with its extraordinary disco and clubbing ambiance.

As one of Europe’s premier dance clubs, Razzmatazz brings together a lineup of exceptionally talented DJs, ensuring an unforgettable clubbing adventure.

Its prestigious venue has attracted internationally acclaimed artists like the Arctic Monkeys, who have graced its stage in front of enthusiastic crowds.

For those seeking to elevate their clubbing experience to new heights, Razzmatazz is the ultimate destination.

Razzmatazz is renowned for its legendary feature, The Loft—an incredible electronic and disco venue that lures party-goers from far and wide.

Every weekend, The Loft becomes the epicenter of vibrant revelry as hundreds of clubbers gather to unleash the party. With its state-of-the-art sound system, The Loft at Razzmatazz delivers an unparalleled experience to the thousands of clubbers who flock there each month.

If you’re craving the finest electronic and dance music the city has to offer, Razzmatazz should undoubtedly top your list. With its exclusive and prestigious venue, Razzmatazz guarantees an experience that is difficult to surpass!

Schedule: Sunday – Saturday 11:00 PM to 5 AM

Price: 17+ € for a door ticket that includes one drink

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Moog Barcelona
  1. Moog Barcelona

Why you should go: Moog Club Barcelona stands as one of the premier clubs, rivaling the likes of Razzmatazz with its outstanding disco and techno venues. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Moog promises a night of exuberant revelry, uniting club-goers from around the world!

With its vibrant live music, ample beer and wine selection, Moog delivers a fun-filled clubbing experience within a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Perfectly sized for an exhilarating yet controlled party, Moog caters to groups seeking a memorable celebration.

Moog seamlessly integrates into Barcelona’s nightlife scene, offering yet another exceptional clubbing venture.

Like other esteemed nightclubs in Barcelona, Moog boasts one of Europe’s finest venues, drawing party-goers from far and wide. Its captivating and dynamic setting entices hundreds of visitors, earning the club an exceptional rating based on nearly two thousand reviews. Moog’s remarkable satisfaction rating is a testament to its ability to captivate nightclub enthusiasts with an exhilarating experience unique to Barcelona!

If you’re seeking a remarkable time, Moog presents some of the most exceptional venues available. If you’re going with a group, consider Moog for an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Schedule: Sunday – Saturday 11:00 PM to 5 AM

Price: 10+ € You can book in advance with the Barcelona Night Card: Nightlife and Club Pass that starts at 23.17 €.

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City Hall Club Barcelona
  1. City Hall Barcelona

Why you should go: City Hall Club Barcelona stands out as one of the most vibrant venues in the city. With its lineup of top DJs and live music talents, City Hall Barcelona masterfully employs lighting control to create an unforgettable disco and party atmosphere.

Operating until 6 AM, City Hall Club allows club-goers to revel from dusk till dawn. Whether you’re flying solo or with a group of friends, the bustling venue caters to everyone’s enjoyment.

City Hall Barcelona’s renowned Flamenco Show has captured the hearts of party-goers from around the globe, transcending language barriers and captivating audiences.

Nestled off Plaza de Catalunya on La Rambla, City Hall enjoys a prime and easily accessible location.

As an LGBT-friendly nightclub, City Hall stands as one of the most inclusive clubs in Barcelona, welcoming people of all backgrounds and fostering one of the most diverse and vibrant parties in the world!

Those in pursuit of a memorable night can immerse themselves in City Hall’s sophisticated atmosphere, whether joining a group or venturing alone, and indulge in the world-renowned Flamenco show. With its intimate and cozy setting, City Hall offers a personalized and enthralling experience unlike any other club in Barcelona, where fun and excitement intertwine with an intimate ambiance.

Schedule: 11:45 PM to 6:00 AM

Price: 10 – 200 €

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Pacha Barcelona
  1. Pacha Barcelona

Why you should go: Situated near Barceloneta Beach, Pacha Club Barcelona stands as one of the city’s most popular clubbing destinations. Offering a distinctive and relaxed experience within Barcelona’s finest club, Pacha combines intimacy and luxury to create a unique atmosphere.

Pacha has played host to some of the world’s greatest live acts and DJs, making it a sought-after venue and attracting big-name talent. With its trend-setting live music, Pacha has become renowned as one of the world’s premier clubs, drawing a diverse international crowd and establishing itself as a global party hotspot.

The nightclub caters to all tastes, serving up excellent drinks and a fun-filled atmosphere accompanied by top-notch music. Whether you’re an individual or part of a group, Pacha is a favorite choice for those celebrating stag parties in Barcelona. With its world-class venue, Pacha has garnered praise from both local and international partygoers alike.

With a lineup of international talents specifically brought in to perform at Pacha, you can expect an unparalleled clubbing experience of the highest caliber.

Music enthusiasts from all corners of the world should make a pilgrimage to Pacha to witness firsthand why it has earned its reputation as one of the leading live music party venues globally.

Tips: It’s advisable to arrive at the club early, as it tends to fill up quickly and become crowded. To make the most of your experience, aim to beat the crowd by arriving early and securing a prime spot.

Schedule: Sun – Thursday 12:00 AM – 5:00 AM Friday – Sat 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Price: 15 € to get in

Shôko Barcelona
  1. Shoko Barcelona

Why you should go: Finding a nightclub in Barcelona with a resume as impressive as Shoko’s is no easy feat.

While numerous venues have hosted remarkable international talent, Shoko Club Barcelona raised the bar by welcoming none other than Lil Wayne.

Shoko’s ability to attract high-profile international artists speaks volumes about the club’s intensity and quality, drawing large crowds every weekend.

With a stellar selection of hip-hop and EDM tracks, Shoko never fails to deliver a top-quality experience to its club-goers.

And with renowned talent like Lil Wayne on their roster, you never know who might grace the stage during your visit.

Join hundreds of others each weekend as Shoko consistently provides one of the most exceptional nightlife experiences. Oh, and did we mention it’s a beach-side club with a captivating view? With its exquisite design and decor, Shoko exudes a high-end ambiance while offering affordable prices for nearly everyone.

Arrive before midnight, and you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in Shoko’s Mediterranean and Asian fusion cuisine—a local and tourist favorite.

However, once the clock strikes twelve, the venue transforms into one of the hottest nightclubs in town! Experience the best of both worlds by attending alone, with a date, or alongside a group of friends, and discover why Shoko is consistently recognized as one of Barcelona’s finest clubs.

Schedule: The restaurant is open 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM every day. The nightclub starts at midnight, and exact times vary.

Price: If you’re on the guest list, you can enter for free before 1 AM. After that, you’ll have to pay a 15 € entrance fee—one drink included.

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Sala Apolo Barcelona
  1. Sala Apolo

Why you should go: Sala Apolo Barcelona stands as one of the top-tier nightclub and concert venues. Renowned for its lively atmosphere and world-class music, it remains a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

For those seeking an unforgettable time, Sala Apolo offers a diverse range of music genres, spanning from folk and rock to EDM.

Operating every day of the week, this spacious venue attracts hundreds of visitors every weekend, making it the perfect destination for a memorable night out with friends or simply to have a blast while exploring the city.

With regular performances by acclaimed artists, Sala Apolo ensures you never miss a beat, cementing its status as a beloved spot for party-goers. It’s especially popular among those visiting Barcelona for stag weekends.

Sala Apolo also boasts an extensive drink selection, guaranteeing a libation to suit every taste. With a near-perfect rating based on nearly 5,000 reviews, it has captivated the hearts of both local residents and international tourists.

Notably, Sala Apolo’s “Nasty Monday” stands as a unique party experience that takes place every Monday from 2 AM to 6 AM. For a mere 16 Euros, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and even enjoy a complimentary drink.

Enhanced by stellar lighting and an upscale ambiance, Sala Apolo is an essential destination for club enthusiasts in search of the very best nightlife experience Barcelona has to offer.

Schedule: The scene runs from 2AM to 6AM

Price: Starts at 16 € and includes a free drink

Sidecar Factory Club Barcelona
  1. Sidecar Factory Club

Reasons to go: Sidecar Factory Club Barcelona presents a distinctive blend of drinks, dancing, and alternative and punk music, setting itself apart as a must-visit destination.

Boasting a remarkable 36-year history, Sidecar Factory Club has solidified its position as a cornerstone of Barcelona’s nightlife. Drawing both tourists and locals seeking a night of lively dancing and revelry, the venue is constantly abuzz with an international crowd of party-goers.

Nestled in Plaça Reial, Sidecar remains true to its roots with a focus on retro-punk and alternative rock music. As an underground establishment, it offers a refreshing departure from the conventional EDM scene, providing a unique clubbing experience.

With atmospheric lighting and a large screen showcasing your favorite rock classics, Sidecar warmly embraces its guests with a nostalgic ambiance.

The bar at Sidecar serves an excellent array of cocktails to satisfy you and your companions, making it the perfect spot to unwind and rock out with friends.

For avid enthusiasts of rock music, Sidecar is an essential addition to your itinerary, offering an unforgettable experience.

And the best part? Tickets start at an unbeatable price of just 5 €, ensuring an exceptional value for your clubbing adventure.

Schedule: Wednesday 7 PM – 2:30 AM, Thursday 7 PM – 5 AM, Friday – Saturday 7 PM – 6 AM

Price: 5+ €

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Luz De Gas Barcelona Club
  1. Luz de Gas

Reasons to go: Luz de Gas Club Barcelona sets itself apart from other nightclubs and venues on our list by delivering an unforgettable, upscale experience.

Situated in a charmingly refurbished music hall, this luxurious venue exudes an undeniable air of sophistication. Whether it’s a romantic night out or a gathering with close friends, Luz de Gas presents an exceptional live music selection that will leave a lasting impression.

Meticulously adorned and renovated, Luz de Gas provides an ideal setting for group outings. Hosting both local and international artists, the stage showcases some of the world’s most extraordinary talents while embracing the essence of the local music scene.

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Sant Gervasi – Galvany, Barcelona, Luz de Gas offers an original and captivating clubbing experience.

The venue’s previous life as a music hall grants it outstanding acoustics, enhancing the overall party atmosphere. Luz de Gas curates themed live music nights, ensuring a unique experience every day of the week.

Blues enthusiasts can revel in the ambiance on Mondays, while Wednesdays cater to disco lovers. Thursdays come alive with Dixieland Jazz, followed by captivating pop-rock and soul performances on Fridays. The weekend showcases the best of vintage and Spanish rock tunes.

With its diverse offerings, Luz de Gas appeals to a wide range of musical tastes, promising an extraordinary experience that resonates with both tourists and locals. If you’re seeking a glimpse into the classic soul of Barcelona, a visit to this venue is an absolute must.

Schedule: 12 – 6 AM

Price: 18 € for admission. Includes free drink.

Laut Club Barcelona
  1. Laut Club

Reasons to go: Laut Club Barcelona offers an unparalleled electronic music experience that guarantees the ultimate party atmosphere.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, Laut Club Barcelona elevates any celebration by delivering music that pulsates through your entire being. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating beats of the hottest EDM tracks while connecting with fellow party-goers who share your passion.

Laut Club is not for the faint of heart; it stands as one of Barcelona’s premier and highly acclaimed nightlife destinations. With dynamic lighting and a music selection that will have you dancing non-stop, Laut Club delivers an unforgettable experience in every aspect.

This includes the beverage offerings. No matter your libation of choice, Laut Club boasts a diverse selection of top-quality alcohol that perfectly complements your party experience.

It’s the ultimate destination for those seeking a good time, catering to the true spirit of party-goers. Think you know how to party? Make your way to Laut Club Barcelona for an unrivaled and electrifying experience to test your mettle on the dance floor.

Schedule: Friday – Saturday 12:30 AM – 5:30 AM

Price: 10+ €

Macarena Club Barcelona
  1. Macarena

Reasons to go: The Macarena Club Barcelona offers a unique and intimate clubbing experience with its small capacity of just fifty people. If you’re seeking a cozy and personalized vibe, Macarena delivers the same level of excitement and enjoyment found in larger nightclubs, but on a more intimate scale.

Size doesn’t dictate intensity at Macarena, where the fifty patrons create an electrifying atmosphere every weekend, throwing some of the wildest parties around.

The club’s intimate setting allows you to quickly connect with fellow party-goers, fostering an unparalleled sense of closeness and creating an unforgettable party experience.

Perfect for singles ready to mingle, Macarena provides an opportunity to meet like-minded clubbers from all over the world who have gathered in this vibrant space.

Despite its small size, Macarena rivals larger venues with an impressive selection of music and top-notch alcohol that sets the stage for an unparalleled experience that simply cannot be surpassed.

Located at Nou de Sant Frencesc, 5, Gotic, Barcelona, Macarena can be reached through transport at Drassanes (M:13).

Schedule: Sun – Thursday 12:00 AM – 4:30 AM, Friday – Saturday 12:00 AM – 5 AM

Price: 10 € for entry fee

Marula Club Barcelona
  1. Marula Café

Reasons to go: Having made a name for itself in Madrid, Marula Café has brought its popular vibe to Barcelona, captivating a whole new audience.

Setting itself apart from other clubs in Barcelona, Marula Café caters to a crowd of thirty-and-older party-goers seeking a night of laid-back enjoyment.

With its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, Marula Café creates a space where people can come together for an evening of dancing and pure fun.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of classic R&B music that fills the air at Marula Café, creating the perfect backdrop for unforgettable connections.

If you’re in search of a dancing experience that steers away from the high-energy beats of techno, rock, or dance music, Marula Café offers the ideal venue for you.

Step into a beautifully decorated space with just the right amount of room, enhancing the ambience and complementing your entire evening.

Featuring live music and a drink selection that caters to your preferences, Marula Café is a must-visit for anyone seeking a casual and enjoyable time in Barcelona.
Schedule: Monday – Thursday 10 PM – 5 AM, Friday – Saturday 11 PM – 6 AM

Price: 10 € before 2 AM

La Terrazza Barcelona Club
  1. La Terrraza

Reasons to go: Prepare yourself for an unforgettable night at La Terrraza Club Barcelona, where the techno beats will keep you dancing from dusk till dawn.

Nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of Poble Espanyol, this night club offers a truly unique party experience. Set in an open-air location, La Terrraza delivers an exhilarating and awe-inspiring dance experience that is unparalleled in the city.

For those seeking something out of the ordinary, La Terrraza beckons you to immerse yourself in its captivating scene and join the crowd in this extraordinary open-air nightclub.

Perfectly suited for those seeking a more relaxed evening, the music at La Terrraza is set at just the right volume, allowing you to enjoy the beats while also engaging in conversations with fellow party-goers.

Whether you gather your friends or venture solo, La Terrraza stands as one of Barcelona’s finest clubs, evident in its role as the host of the renowned annual Sonar electronic music festival.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to party at a venue like no other. La Terrraza awaits, ready to provide you with an experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement.

Schedule: Thursday: 12:00 AM – 5:30 AM, Friday – Saturday 12:00 AM – 6:30 AM

Price: 18+ €

Arrive to this venue with your group of friends in a party bus.

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Carpe Diem Barcelona
  1. Carpe Diem Barcelona

Reasons to Go: Nestled along a picturesque stretch of beach, Carpe Diem Club Barcelona, also known as CDLC Barcelona, has established itself as a premier destination among clubs nationwide. Here, you can indulge in exquisite cuisine and drinks while basking in an unrivaled atmosphere that sets it apart from the rest. But what sets CDLC Barcelona apart from its counterparts?

It begins with impeccable service, offering a delectable fusion of Asian and Mediterranean flavors, featuring top-quality steaks, sushi, and other delicacies. Guests are also treated to on-demand tableside massages, a superb selection of wines and spirits, and breathtaking views in the restaurant area.

In the nightclub section, prepare yourself for an electrifying experience with pulsating music, world-class beverages, and a party ambiance unlike any other. Carpe Diem Club has earned its distinction as the official ambassador of Dom Perignon and stands among the elite as one of the world’s finest clubs. Dance to the beats of reggaeton, deep house, hip hop, tech house, and R&B in a venue that caters to diverse musical preferences. At Carpe Diem Barcelona, the party never stops—it’s an everyday affair you won’t want to miss!

Schedule: Friday-Sunday (12PM-6AM), Monday-Thursday (12PM-5AM)

Price: Starting around 40€

Otto Zutz Barcelona Club
  1. Otto Zutz Barcelona

Reasons to Go: For the past three decades, Otto Zutz Club Barcelona has solidified its position as one of Barcelona’s premier clubbing destinations. This renowned establishment has garnered a following of celebrities including Rihanna, Bono, and numerous other high-profile figures, a testament to the club’s captivating atmosphere and exceptional service. With four distinct dance floors at Otto Zutz Barcelona, overcrowding is never a concern. Instead, immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of the city’s hottest music, with the club hosting renowned artists like Lexy Pantera and Kid Ink. Whatever your musical taste, Otto Zutz has you covered.

The club also boasts an impressive selection of cocktails and beers, among the finest in the city. Whether you’re seeking a signature drink to ignite the dance floor or a refreshing beer to quench your thirst, Otto Zutz delivers. Get ready to groove to the beats of top-name artists and revel in the mesmerizing, multi-colored lights that illuminate each dance floor. Otto Zutz is always in high demand, so arrive early to secure your spot at the bar and on the dance floor, ensuring an unforgettable night of excitement.

Schedule: Wednesday (10:30PM-6AM), Thursday (10:30PM-12AM), Friday-Saturday (11:30PM-6AM)

Price: Around 30€

Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona
  1. Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona

Reasons to Go: The Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona stands as a legendary venue in Barcelona. Although it may not be the largest or most extravagant, this intimate space, accommodating a maximum of 300 people, has earned its place among the city’s best with its phenomenal live music, top-notch beverages, and unparalleled dance experience.

Nestled in the charming Old Town district of Barcelona, the club resides on a quaint street that may appear unassuming at first. Arriving early guarantees you the opportunity to savor the finest live jazz performances in the entire city. Even if you happen to arrive later, you’ll be captivated by the exhilarating beats played by the skilled DJs on the dance floor.

The allure of the Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona lies in its affordable yet high-quality drinks, dim lighting, and welcoming ambiance, attracting crowds of diverse backgrounds. Unlike other venues, this club imposes no rigid dress code, allowing guests to relish in an evening of classy jazz-infused enjoyment.

While jazz enthusiasts have found their haven here, the club’s repertoire extends beyond its namesake genre. Once the sun sets, the nightclub pulsates with the latest hits spanning from funk to R&B. In essence, it’s the perfect destination for a night of affordable revelry and delightful entertainment!

Schedule: Wednesday-Saturday (8PM-4:30AM)

Price: 8€

Sutton Barcelona
  1. Sutton Barcelona

Reasons to Go: Sutton Club Barcelona has established itself as the epitome of luxury nightlife over the past two decades. Welcoming renowned celebrities, athletes, and politicians, this exclusive club has become a global hotspot for elite socializing. Situated in the heart of the city, Sutton Barcelona sets an age requirement of 23 for women and 25 for men, ensuring a sophisticated and mature atmosphere.

With a stringent dress code in place, patrons are expected to dress to impress in their finest attire, guaranteeing a memorable entrance past the discerning bouncers.

Sutton Barcelona delights guests with special events occurring every two weeks, promising an extraordinary experience when timed right. As the pinnacle of opulence in Barcelona’s nightlife scene, the club delivers unparalleled music, drinks, and entertainment.

Remarkably, Sutton Barcelona offers complimentary entry for those on the guest list until 2 AM, delivering exceptional value to party enthusiasts. Additionally, with a cover charge of only 20 euros, this exceptional opportunity remains accessible to a wide range of visitors.

Schedule: Wednesday-Thursday (12-5:30AM), Friday-Saturday (12-6AM)

Price: 20€ (entry plus one drink)

Bling Bling Barcelona
  1. Bling Bling Barcelona

Reasons to Go: Nestled in the upscale district of uptown Barcelona, Bling Bling Club Barcelona lives up to its opulent name, exuding an air of luxury and extravagance. This renowned nightclub is renowned for its mesmerizing laser light shows and exceptional music selection, solidifying its status as a premier nightlife destination. Each of its three floors offers a distinct musical experience, catering to a variety of tastes, ranging from hip hop to reggaeton.

Indulge in the finest libations that Bling Bling has to offer, ensuring an unforgettable night of revelry. The club’s well-stocked bar boasts a wide selection of top-tier beverages, allowing you to dance the night away fueled by the best drinks in town. Bling Bling Barcelona presents an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in an unrivaled party experience.

With its cutting-edge design and captivating aesthetics, this nightclub sets the stage for the ultimate celebration. Embrace the vibrant ambiance and make Bling Bling your next destination for an unforgettable night out.

As is customary for luxury establishments, Bling Bling enforces a strict dress code, underscoring the importance of dressing to impress. Adhering to the dress code will not only guarantee your entry past the discerning bouncers but also ensure you’re part of an extraordinary party experience. Be sure to stay updated with the club’s special events, as they offer unique opportunities to enhance your Bling Bling experience.

Schedule: Thursday (1-5AM), Friday-Saturday (1-6AM)

Price: 20€

The Bottom Line

Barcelona boasts a plethora of exceptional venues, and the following 19 clubs stand out among the best. These establishments have earned their reputation by consistently delivering top-notch live music, immersive lighting displays, electrifying atmosphere, and more. Embraced by both locals and international visitors, these venues offer an unparalleled experience that should be on every tourist’s must-visit list.

With affordable prices and boundless enjoyment, there are numerous reasons why these 19 clubs represent the pinnacle of Barcelona’s nightlife scene. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore these extraordinary destinations and create unforgettable memories!

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