Blue Night Club Barcelona Prices

Entry Fee from 10 €*
*this price is only available online!

Inside the Blue Night Club Barcelona

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a set of ladies more beautiful than those found at Blue Night Club Barcelona anywhere.

These dazzling beauties know what it takes to keep a man satisfied and offer some of the most premium services in all of Barcelona.

One of the most famous strip club Barcelona, Blue Night Club has built a reputation as offering one of the most thrilling experiences in Europe.

Not to mention, Blue Night Club Barcelona prices are hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a quality gentlemen’s club and adult entertainment in Barcelona, this great club is worthy of your consideration.

But is it in your budget?

We’ve conducted an in-depth analysis on Blue Night Barcelona prices so that you can better budget for your upcoming trip to the city.


Blue Night Strip Club offers affordable entry prices here starting from 10 € if you buy online.

Those wishing to enjoy a night of fun here have two possible methods of entry:

  • €20 with one drink included at the venue door
  • €40 with two drinks included at the venue door

These reasonable prices are great for those who are looking to get a head start on their drinking. And, as you will see, the entry price provides a great discount on drinks and also a pick up service. Blue Night is known to have the best prices in the red light district Barcelona. If you are looking for an affordable venue where you can enjoy a night with beautiful ladies this is the place you have to be.

Entry fee for Blue Night Club Barcelona here 10€*:


Blue Night Club has all your favorite drinks ready behind the bar. This means that you can enjoy your special night out in style by having the drink of your choice.

For those who want good old-fashioned beer, it will run just €15.

Mixed drinks, wines, and other types of alcohol are all priced at just €20.

With these affordable prices, Blue Night Barcelona prices makes it easy for you to party your way. Fill up at the bar throughout the night to have the best experience possible while you are enjoying their erotic shows and one of the best pole dance in Barcelona.

These great drinks are beaten only by the numerous sexy women willing to please. And what can we say—is there anything better than sexy women and good drinks?

Bottle Service

If you’re really looking to take the game to the next level, consider ordering Blue Night Strip Club bottle service.

At only €250-400, Blue Night’s bottle service offers a great value. Because this price applies up to five people, each individual only has to pay up to €80 for the bottle at your table.

If you were drinking at the bar, this would only round out to about four drinks, meaning this great service offers an impressive discount.

That all goes without mentioning the fact that your bottles will be hand delivered by some of the city finest women.

Watch these sexy women as they show off what they’ve got while you enjoy your drink of your choosing at your table.

Once you’ve got your woman close by, get ready for the real fun to start to have a great party.

Strip Dance in Private Room

Keep the heat turned way up high by taking the lady of your choosing into a private room.

But hold up—we’re not going all the way.

At least not yet.

Blue Night Club’s beautiful women offer some of the hottest strip dances in all of Europe. These sexy showgirls Barcelona are sure to arouse your attention and pique your interest.

These women will love to show off their moves—and what they’ve got hiding under their clothes.

Best of all, you can get this great view all for the reasonable price of just €250-300—possibly even cheaper if you manage to successfully negotiate with the girl.

These incredibly-low Blue Night Club Barcelona prices offer amazing value on for the service you’re getting, as your eyes will be glued to the model-like body of your exotic dancer.

Get a taste of the best the city has to offer by taking a trip to get a strip dance in a private room on your next visit.

Basic Strip Dance

Looking to take things slow at first? Blue Night is considered one of the best topless bars in Barcelona, you can find here the best dancers in the city.

Consider starting your evening with a basic strip dance. Watch as these beautiful women show you their gorgeous bodies all while they move in a way that accentuates their sexy frames.

For just €180, you can see the naked bodies of some of the finest women in all of Barcelona. Treat your eyes to these perfect nude women.

See why Blue Night Strip Club women have become famed across the world for their sexy, elegant grace by ordering a basic strip dance next time you’re in the city.

Lap Dance

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned lap dance in Barcelona.

The good news is that Blue Night Club Barcelona prices are some of the best in the entire business.

This is even better when you consider the fact that their women are among the sexiest you will ever see.

You can get a lap dance from one of these breathtaking escorts Barcelona for as little as €80-150, depending on which girl. You may even be able to haggle the price lower and get something more in your budget by negotiating with the hot chick in your lap.

Private Dance

A table dance in Barcelona is great but are you ready to take things to the next level?

Secure a private room dance date with the girl of your choosing. These private dances start at just €150-250, but as always, you can attempt to negotiate for a better price.

Get up close and personal with the hottest dancers in the building as you get their bodies all to yourself.

These sexy women are sure to bust moves that will get your heart—and something else—racing.

See for yourself by stopping by Blue Night Club next time you’re in the city.

Private Room

If you’re ready to finally score a home run, you can enjoy some private room fun with the sexy call girls Barcelona of your choice.

For just €200-400 for thirty minutes, you’re sure to find a woman who’s willing to make your sexual fantasies come to life.

Meet up with one of the hottest babes in all of Europe and live out some of your wildest sexual dreams, all for a cost that you can afford. Here you can get the best blowjob in Barcelona, this can be an experience you don’t want to miss out.

As you can see, Blue Night Club Barcelona prices are some of the best in the city. If you’re looking for a night of unparalleled adult fun, put this great club at the top of your list.

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