Darling Club Barcelona Prices

Inside the Darling Club Barcelona

Are you looking for a wild night and for strip club Barcelona?

Darling Club Barcelona is just the place for you. With beautiful women who want you to have a good time, this club should not be left off your bucket list if you want to experience the adult entertainment in Barcelona.

The best part? Darling Club is one of the most affordable joints in town, so you can enjoy a fresh beer and all the beautiful ladies you could ever want—all without hurting your wallet.

Let’s take a look at the amazing amenities this club has to offer, along with a specific price for each one so you can plan your trip knowing more about Darling Club Barcelona prices.


How much does it cost to get in? Amazingly, just 30 euros for all the ladies you could ever want! Included in this price is one drink and a free pickup service. For double the price, you can get one more drink.

This is an amazingly low price for the value, 30 euros to see some of the hottest girls in Barcelona? That’s a steal!

  • 30 €, one drinks included
  • 40 € , three drinks included

These prices are available at the venue door if you arrive there with the club’s free taxi service. If you arrive with taxi they might charge you more!


After the girls, drinks are the most important question. You simply cannot have a good night out without access to fresh, high-quality beer. Luckily, Darling is one of those places that offers — for the price of 10 euros per beer (or 20 euros per drink).

This may seem high, but remember that you get one to two drinks included in the price of your admission.

And don’t worry. If you’ve got money to spend and already know you are going to be plastered, you can take full advantage of the free taxi service.

Bottle Service

For just 250-350 euros, you and a group of up to five friends can enjoy a top-notch bottle service that will perfect your night out!

Use this opportunity to enjoy a special, sexy atmosphere with friends! You will love guzzling your bottles as you interact with some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Private Strip Dance

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Just how much is it to have a private dance with one of the sexiest women alive? At Darling Club, just 150-300 euros. Though you’ll likely have to negotiate the specific price with the girl, you can expect to pay in this range.

What a deal.

These showgirls in Barcelona are worth their weight in gold, so don’t miss out on your chance to have some quality alone time with them. Without a doubt, Darling Club prices are so low, it’d be a shame to go anywhere else!

Basic Strip Dance

Okay, so maybe you don’t just have 200-300 euros lying around. That’s fine. A basic strip dance will only run you 100-150 euros.

Enjoy the view as she takes off her clothes. Experience the wildest this city has to offer in a steamy strip session that will have you wishing this place were your home.

The girls at Darling Club are always willing to go the extra mile to make you happy. So sit back, relax, and watch them do their thing.

Lap Dance

Have 60-150 spare euros?

What better way to spend it than getting a sexy lap dance Barcelona from one of finest girls the city has? Let her grind on your lap as you experience the best night of your life!

As with above, you’ll likely have to negotiate with your girl for the final price—but it will be well worth it in the end. Darling Club Barcelona prices can be negotiated with the girls-

Be the king of your friends as you become the one dude who has gotten that steamy lap dance from one of the hottest girls in all of the city!

Table Dance

Looking for something a little more private only for your table?

Get a table dance in Barcelona for just 150-200 euros. Enter a world with just you and her, and experience all the magic she has to offer. In a tablee dance session, you’ll find out everything she has to offer—and know just why people keep coming back.

Watch her show her moves as she puts on a world-class show just for you. Without a doubt, you’ve never seen a dance like the ones a Barcelona girl can show you. Let her show you a new world of fantasy and delight.

And when it’s over? Pay her again and let the cycle repeat.

Are You Ready?

After reading this, I’m sure you’re already packing your bags for Barcelona.

It’s understandable. the city is home to the world’s most beautiful women and the finest clubs anywhere. What’s more, with Darling Club Barcelona prices, you’ll never feel like you are spending too much.

If you are already planning on visiting the area, it’s time to make a stop at Darling Club next on your list. There’s absolutely no reason not to go—and a few very sexy reasons why you definitely should.

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