Night Clubs Barcelona

With a name like Strip Club Barcelona, you may think that we just specialize in places where ladies get naked! But we are actually experts in all aspects of the nightlife Barcelona has to offer. This really is one of the best cities in the world for a good night out and we have been putting together epic evenings out in the city for a while now. It is really hard to explain to someone what makes a night out in Barcelona so special. There are of course some amazing clubs here and many people say that the night clubs Barcelona has to offer are the best in the whole world! In all honesty we would have to agree with that. The city caters to everyone. No matter if you are the kind of guys who love to get wild where you want to go to a huge club that is jam packed with people dancing and going crazy. Or if you are a bit more laid back and want somewhere that is a little bit more mellow where you can kick back with a few beers, flirt a little with the local ladies before moving onto a strip club or another awesome night spot. Barcelona night clubs really does have something for everyone and that is why we and we are sure you will just love it here.

The nightlife Barcelona has is just amazing and we are more than happy to tell you what the coolest and most popular places are, but a part of the fun of coming here is just heading out with your buddies and seeing where the night takes you. This while fun though can lead you to ending up in an expensive or a club that is not all that great. Which if you want to avoid, let us tell you what the best places to go are. When it comes to clubs as we said before the night clubs Barcelona has really are second to none. Rock, rap, dance and pretty much every kind of music in between is covered here. So no matter what your musical tastes are there is more than a few clubs where you guys can go to party the night away. We know that many people want to come to Barcelona to take in one of the awesome night clubs and that is great. But we strongly suggest that you take in some of the awesome nightlife Barcelona has to offer as well.

Top 10 best nightclubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is well-known for the active nightlife. People who are interested in enjoying such a nightlife tend to visit it from every corner of the world. Before you visit the city, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about the nightclubs in Barcelona as well. Then you will be able to visit them and enjoy your Barcelona nightlife like never before.

  1. Sala Razzmatazz –  Sala Razzmatazz is extremely popular for the musical talent it offers for the guests. On the other hand, this is one of the few nightclubs in Barcelona that offers a non-pretentious and a social atmosphere. It is located in a complex that is made out of industrial factors. Each level of the nightclub has got separate DJs. As a result, all the guests can enjoy a great time while they are at Sala Razzmatazz.
  2. Pacha Barcelona – Among night clubs in Barcelona, Pacha Barcelona is popular among people who live in all parts of the world. It provides a stunning view of the beach. That view is combined along with the white colored interior to give one of a kind experience to the guests. If you are planning to visit Pacha Barcelona, you are encouraged to go on a Sunday. Then you will be able to get the most out of your visit.
  3. La Terrrazza – La Terrrazza is one of the nightclubs Barcelona that offers a happy and a fresh vibe to the guests. As a result, it is also considered as an atmospherically fun club by people. Individuals who prefer to get the unique experience of spending time in an open-air party tend to visit La Terrrazza. You will be able to find a mini-village, which offers a unique culture in this nightclub as well.
  4. Shôko – Among Barcelona clubs, Shôko is well known for the glamorous style offered for the guests. It is paired along with EDM, hip hop and R&B music. One of the main reasons that has contributed towards the popularity of Shôko club is that it offers delicious Asian Fusion and Mediterranean cuisine for the guests. When the food and atmosphere is combined along with lounge and restaurant, you are guaranteed to have a fascinating time in here.
  5. Opium – Opium is an international beach club among Barcelona clubs. It offers a massive beach terrace. If you are willing to spend your night by the sea, this is the best place available to visit. Opium is one of the largest nightclubs that can be found in Barcelona as well. In fact, it has got the ability to accommodate up to 3,000 individuals at a time. On the other hand, Opium club is packed at most of the time, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.
  6. Sala Apolo – Before converting into a nightclub, Sala Apolo was an amphitheater. When you step into this club, you can still find the balcony and stage. Hence, it offers a one of a kind experience to you out of night clubs in Barcelona. Sala Apolo offers a unique experience to the guests throughout the week as well. For example, you can find rock and roll music on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the other days of the week, you will be able to see international DJs performing in here.
  7. Moog – Moog has received a lot of attention among nightclubs  Barcelona because it provides people with the opportunity to explore the underground music of the country. In fact, you will be able to get a more intimate experience with the underground music when you are spending time at Moog. Moog is located near Las Ramblas as well. As a result, it attracts a lot of guests throughout 7 days of the week.
  8. Hotel Omm – If you are looking for Barcelona clubs that are located in 5 star hotels, you can think about visiting Hotel Omm. The crowd that gathers at Hotel Omm is cosmopolitan and young.  It is important to keep in mind that his club is not open throughout 7 days of the week. You can only go there in between Thursday to Sunday. You will have to go to the ground floor of Hotel Omm to enter the nightclub.
  9. Jamboree club – People who are looking forward to experience hip-hop music within the Barcelona clubs can go to Jamboree without keeping any doubt in mind. This club can provide you with the opportunity to get the best hip-hop experience. The nightclub is open every single day of the week it is located in the center of Plaza Reial. As a result, you will be blessed with a relaxing atmosphere. Most of the people visit Jamboree with the objective of dancing throughout the entire night. If you are looking forward to come to Jamboree, you are encouraged to put on comfortable shoes because you will have to dance all the night, while getting together with a grooving, international and young crowd.
  10. Club Otto Zutz – Club Otto Zutz is popular among locals. However, internationals can also think about visiting there to have a nice time. It can be defined as a go to stylish nightclub in Barcelona. You will be able to find a dedicated Los Altos space on the top floor of Otto Zutz. On every single night, you will be able to find House, Commercial, R&B and Hip Hop hits playing around at Otto Zutz. The best local DJs come to this nightclub to perform their gigs. It is a great place available for you to enjoy the highlife party style in Barcelona.