Free Transportation

How our Strip Club Barcelona free transportation works? It’s simple!

  1. You call us on phone or write us a Whatsapp message, tell us what kind of club you are looking for and depending on your needs and tastes we advice you which one to choose.
  2. Once you have decided you tell us your location, your hotel, restaurant, bar, pub… can be anywhere in Barcelona, we communicate with our drivers and send you the nearest one.
  3. We call you back and confirm the time will need the driver to get to you.
  4. Our driver will leave you at the strip club and will take care that you have to pay the amount of entry fee we agreed.
  • All entry fees includes beverages.
  • Transportation is totally free.
  • No extra charges or bad surprises.
  • You’ll save money since you don’t have to pay for taxi.

Getting to the best strip clubs in Barcelona it’s not as easy as you would think. First of all you have to get a cab, bus or even walk! But who actually wants the hassle of doing this? No one that is who and we want to make sure that your group does not get ripped off, lost or even run the risk of getting to one of the top Barcelona strip clubs and then not be allowed in! When you deal with us that will not happen because we run the best shuttle service in the city when it comes to getting a group of wild and tipsy guys to the strip club!

Strip club Barcelona free transportation will pick you guys up from anywhere you tell us and then we will make sure that you get taken to not just any random club, but to one of the very best. We will make sure that you get in and also we will encourage you guys to have a fun time on the shuttle as well! We know how wild a great night out in this city can be and we want to make sure that your night out is as fun and easy as it can possible be. So do not take the risk of just trying to get to the club after you have had a few drinks. Organize your night out with us and we will make sure you get there for free, in style and in one piece. We promise that our shuttle service is one of the best in the city and the best Barcelona strip clubs are who we deal with!

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