Strip Clubs In Barcelona

We do not just drop you off at a random club, we only work with the best ones in this city! You are lucky as we know all the right people at the right nightclubs. We have really made sure that each club we deal with is awesome and that they provide hot chicks, good deals on drinks and in general go above and beyond to make sure that you and your buddies have the most amazing night out possible. When we take you to any of the strip club Barcelona that we deal with. You can be confident that it is a great place and somewhere that you will be treated right and not be ripped off. There is so many hot spots in this great city that it is really hard knowing which ones are good and which ones suck! But do not worry as that is what we are here for. We have done all the legwork for you so you really can trust us to take you to a great place or even one of the best strip clubs. We are not here to just make some quick cash. We are here to really make sure that your stag night or even just your guys night is as amazing as it possible can be. Good drinks, a cool ride and the sexiest girls in Barcelona are how we do this!

Inside of the Bacarra Club Barcelona

Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona

With over 60 of the hottest ladies in Barcelona. Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona really is one of the best places. What makes this a great place is that they have pole dancing, table dancing and of course some extra special private dances as well! They have all kinds of special events on here and love nothing more than to entertain a wild and crazy group of guys on a stag night! If you want to come to one of the best night clubs in Europe then you have to come and check out Bacarra. One other thing that makes this such a great place is that the actual club is really cool and modern. You are going to love kicking back with a drink in your hand, taking in one of the awesome shows. This is the kind of hot spot that it is simply impossible not to have an epic night out. For more information check this out: Bacarra Club Barcelona prices.

Inside the Darling Club Barcelona

Darling Strip Club Barcelona

Darling Strip Club Barcelona is another one of the best night clubs and we have a very good relationship with them! Darling is the kind of place that is perfect if you gentlemen want a more classy kind of night. Hey do not get us wrong it is wall to wall, gorgeous ladies inside here and they will do pole dancing and of course if you fancy a treat. Then you can get up close and personal with a lap dance! You are going to just love how cool and elegant this place is. While the prices here are very reasonable it has that “high roller” kind of vibe and that is just perfect for a group of guys who want to go out and have a great night. There is a fully stocked bar here so no matter what kind of drink you want while you are taking in a show, Darling will have you covered. Check out here: Darling Club Barcelona prices.

Inside the Blue Night Club Barcelona

Blue Night Club Barcelona

This is one of the best strip clubs that you will ever come across. To start with Blue Night like to take care of anyone who comes through their doors. No matter if you are looking to sit and have a few drinks while you take in a hot and steamy show. Or if you want something that is a little more private as you retreat to one of the many bedrooms that Blue Night has. The ladies that work at this venue are just first class all the way. They can be as sexy and dirty as you want them to be which will make any stag or guys night here something that will stay in your memory bank forever. If you want high class all the way then you will love your evening (and early morning) in Blue Night. One other thing that need special mention is the drinks and the overall service that you get here. If you want to feel like a big shot, like some kind of VIP then that is exactly how you will feel after a night here. Check out here: Blue Night Barcelona prices.

Inside of the Viladomat 208 Gentlemen's Club Barcelona

208 Club Barcelona

208 Club Barcelona is one of the top night clubs and it is the place to go for people who want a bit of luxury in their club. The fine folks here specialize in having ladies from all over the world performing here. While they offer the things all guys like such as pole dancing, stage shows and lap dances of course. But they also specialize in special tease shows which are very popular and something you have to book the groom to be if you are having a stag night here. Speaking of which, 208 Club love groups of fun loving guys so if you book with us in advance, we and 208 Club can make sure that you are very well taken care of, have some great drinks and leave with big smiles on all your faces. 208 Club Barcelona is just a really cool and upper class kind of place and it is the kind of place that is just impossible not to have a hot and fun time in.

Inside of the Bagdad Club Barcelona

Bagdad Barcelona

Here we have Bagdad Club Barcelona which is one of the most epic nights out you can have in the city. Do not think of this as being just like all of the other strip clubs. Bagdad offers something more. They actually have live sex shows here and many of the top Spanish porn stars have performed on stage here or even got their big break here! If you want a more wild and debauchery filled kind of night out then Bagdad Club is the place for you. While they have plenty of strip shows here it is the live sex shows that really separate them from all the rest. They are even known to get a couple of guys on stage and make them part of the show which can be very amusing, especially if the guy they pull up is easily embarrassed. Bagdad Barcelona is just all about having a wild and crazy night and if you are having a bachelor party, a buddies birthday or something else special. Then a night here is honestly something that they will never, ever forget! Check out prices packages and discounts here: Bagdad Club Barcelona prices.

Inside of the Felina escorts Barcelona club

Felina Barcelona

Ok so we know that a good guys night out can be more than just hitting up all the clubs. That is why we have a good relationship with Felina! Felina is one of the top house of places where you can do something more than just watch a show. They are classy and elegant and if you really want to be taken care of this is the place to come. Looking at the list of girls they have and the services they offer will have any guy rushing straight here! Booking a sexy girl is a great way to make your weekend in the great city of Barcelona truly memorable, but you need to make sure you go to a place that is clean, trustworthy and has smoking hot ladies. Well Felina tick all those boxes so if you do want to go and visit some of the hot clubs, but know that after you will want a little more action. Well Felina is the place to go!

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