Refunds Policy

We Strip Club Barcelona can refund in the next cases:

  • We can refund all the amount of the payment if you ask for refund in the next 7 business days after the purchase.
  • After 7 business days we can refund your payment minus 10% which is the payment gateway fee.
  • The entries and packages are valid for 1 year from the purchase day.
  • If you can’t use your entry or package for the initial date you wanted, you have time in all that 1 year to use it when you wish changing the booking day.
  • The tickets and packages are valid for 1 year starting from the purchase day so we can give refunds only during that 1 year.
  • If the place where the stripper has to perform the show (your place, restaurant, hotel, tourist rental apartment, etc…) not allowed by the owners it’s your duty to inform yourself and let us know before the strippers arrive to that place. We return your money only if you cancel the show before the stripper (male or female) arrives to your place.

There are no refunds in the next cases:

  • There will not be made refunds if you already used the ticket and checked in the venue.
  • There are no refunds after 1 year of the purchase day even if you did not used your entry or package.
  • If you have any problems at the venues/clubs with your package as they give you less services than you paid and you have on your presented voucher, please call us immediately in order to get a solution for your problem in the same moment when you are at the club. We can’t give money returns if you didn’t got some of the services and you did not noticed us about your problem in that moment. Customer Service Phone: +34 698 832 747 24 (this phone is available during the opening time of the clubs we collaborate)
  • If the stripper (male or female) goes to your private party at your place (restaurant, hotel, tourist rental apartment etc…) and she or he is not allowed to perform by the owner of the place we are not returning your money if she or he already arrived to your place.
  • If the reason because the show is canceled is not the strippers fault, but she or he already arrived to your place and you not canceled the show before her or his arrival we not returning your money.
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