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Strip Club Music Barcelona, Tips & Guide

At Strip Club Barcelona we make sure to have the very best strip club music not just in our great city of Barcelona, but the whole of Spain. We know that that the main reason you fine gents go to a strip club is to see some very sexy, exotic and just smoking hot women. Which by the way we have! But once you get over the excitement of the ladies, you need to be entertained and we know that a huge part of this is the soundtrack that is going to accompany your evening. We have heard from more than a few guys about how they have been to a club and had their evening ruined by lousy strip club music. Far too many clubs put on music that does not go with the action that you are seeing on stage. We not only make sure to have on great music when the girls are on stage.

We also make sure with tips & guide that the music in the club in general is pretty awesome too. We are great at not just making sure that our DJ’s play the very best modern tunes. But we ensure that they sneak in a few classics every now and again as well. We are even known to let the girls have a little input on the kind of music that is played as well.  You see strip club music Barcelona is not just for you guys. The right kind of sound track can also ensure that the ladies get much more into it and as a result you will get a much better and hotter show as a result! You see each girl at Strip Club Barcelona is different and a huge part of the fun of coming here is seeing the different kind of moves and personalities our ladies have. Some of our ladies love to shake what they have to some dance music.

We of course have a few girls who love to get down low to some hip hop and we have even had a few hot girls who love nothing better than to get down to a little rock and roll. Strip club music has to be perfect for the girls, not just for you guys drinking our fine alcohol at the bar! The better the music, the better the show you get and you getting a truly epic and erotic show is what we are all about. The DJ’s that we get here at Strip Club Barcelona know exactly what it takes to get the party going. We feel that this really does give our club an edge over all the rest. Your night here is going to be so great that most of the time you will have your eyes just fixed on one of our girls and you head bopping to our great strip club music.

The best strip club music in Barcelona

Here at Strip Club Barcelona, we take putting together the best Barcelona weekend or an epic stag weekend very seriously. We do this so that you guys can just relax, have fun and make sure the weekend goes off without a hitch. That is what we are all about, anyone who has booked one of our packages has had a great time full of great food, awesome drinks, hot ladies and fantastic music. You may think that music is something that is not all that important when it comes to a Barcelona gentlemen’s clubs, but we can tell you from experience that strip club music can make or break your night at a strip club! How? Is what you may be asking right now, but how many times have you been to a nightclub, with a drink in your hand and a friend says to you “the music in here is terrible”? this happens more often than you would think and there is no worse way to ruin a night out than with a terrible soundtrack.

You may have heard that we put a lot of effort into making sure that when people go to the gentlemen’s clubs in Barcelona, it is one that we know has an awesome DJ or at the very least a guy behind the decks who knows what they are doing. Well, the same is true for the nightclubs Barcelona. We understand that the best venues are the ones that make your whole night an experience that you will never forget. Sure the drinks and the women are the main parts of what makes this happen, but the soundtrack that goes along with this can be what really makes the night one to remember. Many of the best venues will make an effort to have an in house DJ. What we like about this is that these guys get to know the girls really well and as a result make sure that when a lady is on the stage, she is accompanied by music that she likes.

You may be asking yourself what difference does it make? Well, the best strippers do not just get on stage and top rip their clothes off. They put on a really erotic and hot show that will make your night out or stag weekend something that you all remember forever. The best strippers really do make their routine something that guys love and that is the kind of clubs that we like to set you up with. So when you book with Strip Club Barcelona, you can be confident that we know exactly where the best venues are that offer the best drinks, best food, best girls and of course the best music. We know that strip club music Barcelona is not the first thing that pops into your head when you are thinking about having a night in one of the best Barcelona gentlemen’s clubs, but when it comes to strip clubs, we are experts and we can promise you that you will not be disappointed!