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Inside of the Bacarra Club Barcelona

As you have probably noticed while you have been browsing the site, we only deal with the very best strip club Barcelona. We believe in quality over quantity and one of the most high quality and high class is Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona. Located in the more upscale district of the city. It takes about two seconds to see why this is one of the best clubs not just in Barcelona, but the whole of Europe!

We are huge fans of Bacarra as they are a gentlemen’s club that is all about high class and good times. If you just have a glance at their website then you see just how cool and sleek the club looks. We are sure that you and your group are going to love it as it offers you a nice and clean place where you guys can just kick back with some good drinks and enjoy the pole dance Barcelona shows all night long. Or if you want something a little more intense and special then you can actually arrange for a private dance.

Which by the way is a great surprise to pull on a buddy if it is his birthday or his stag party Barcelona. You want to really put a stamp on a guy’s night out? Then arrange for a private dance! The actually club is a very good size and it has a kind of elegance that you just do not get in, we hate to use the term seedy so let’s just say, less than fantastic club.

The people who run Bacarra Club Barcelona clearly want you to have a memorable night here and a huge part of that is the club itself. By the way, speaking of Bacarra as a club. They do take a lot of pride in the kind of music that they have playing in the venue and the music that the showgirls Barcelona dance to.

So if you are a music lover then you will certainly enjoy the tunes that are being played in here. Now we have made you want, but let’s talk about what you want to talk about and that is of course the girls! When you tell your friends that you are going to a gentlemen’s club in Barcelona.

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Entry fee for Bacarra Club Barcelona here 10€*:

Bacarra Club Barcelona 30 Different Performances Each Night

There are 30 different performances each night at Bacarra Club. Striptease dance, lap dance Barcelona, pole dance and of course private dances are a small sample of what to expect here and they only hire the very best girls. As a matter of fact the venue themselves say that they are very selective about the kind of girls that they hire. They of course go for the sexiest of the sexy, but they also make it a point to hire girls who can really put on a show or a table dance in Barcelona.

So while their looks may capture your attention. It will be their seductive moves that keep your eyes on them! The venue is just one of the best topless bars in Barcelona and we have no doubt that your group is going to have an amazing time in here. To come to our city and not hit up, this venue would be a crying shame!

One of the best gentlemen’s club is Bacarra and we have organized a ton of epic stag weekend Barcelona, parties and guys nights that end here that we are practically regulars ourselves. We know that when we send a group of guys to this venue that they are in for a real treat and will be leaving with huge smiles on their face and some awesome memories of their time in there, just remember what happens in Bacarra stays in Bacarra!

As this is one of the most popular and one of the best gentlemen’s clubs, getting in can be a nightmare. However, with one of our party packages, you and your crew can get on the guest list and just get straight inside! Once inside the venue, your eyes are not going to know where to look. There is T and A everywhere and the fine folks who run this club only hire the best Barcelona escorts. The ladies of Bacarra Strip Club are some of the greatest dancers you will ever see, these ladies will put on a show you will never forget.

They say that there are around 30 different performances taking place in the club each night! What is really cool about this is that they have all kinds of performances. So they have some ladies who really specialize in working that pole (not what you are thinking!) and no matter how many pole dances you have seen before, nothing will prepare you for what the ladies of this place can do! Believe us when we say that because we are experts in the red light district Barcelona.

Of course, they also offer private dances which are just awesome! So if you are on a stag night or a buddies birthday bash. You can make their night that extra bit amazing and naughty by getting them a private dance where it is just them and one of the hottest ladies on the planet! Want to give an even more special gift than let him get the best blowjob in Barcelona in one of the private rooms. This is certainly one gift that they will be very, very happy to receive.

If you feel that you deserve it, get yourself a private dance too! Trust us when we tell you that you will be very happy that you did. Of course you can simply go to a brothel in Barcelona have a short one on one experience with a girl or you can have fun all night with one of the ladies from Bacarra Club.

While Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona has a great range of ladies for you to look at. The actual nightclub is really nice. They always play the best music that gets the ladies in the right mood and their bar is second to none. Offering the best drinks from all over the world. We would say that it is impossible to not have an amazing time in this venue when it comes about adult entertainment in Barcelona.

This is one of the best strip clubs and we will make sure that your group gets right in the front door without waiting in line. We will also make sure that you are treated very well and have the best night possible. If you want to see the best of the city, let us do all the organizing for you so all you have to worry about is looking at some perfect boobs all night! Click the following link for information about: Bacarra Club Barcelona prices.

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