Bacarra Club Barcelona Prices

Inside of the Bacarra Club Barcelona

Are you ready to turn up the heat in one of the hottest strip club in Barcelona?

Then look no further.

Bacarra Club Barcelona is one of the most popular in the city for a reason.

From great drinks to sexy girls, Bacarra has everything needed to make the night of your dreams a reality when it comes about adult entertainment in Barcelona.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through a night at one of the wildest clubs in the city?

The good news is that the price certainly won’t scare you away. One of the most reasonable nightclubs in all of the city, Bacarra is affordably priced—meaning there’s always some fun that can fit your budget when it comes about Bacarra Club Barcelona prices.

Want to know more? Let’s take a closer look at Bacarra’s prices so that you can start planning your first trip there.


Bacarra Club offers some of the most reasonable admission rates in the business. In fact, those looking to come to this popular gentlemen’s club enjoy several perks with the purchase of their admission tickets.

Currently, the club offers two options:

  • €30 ticket that includes one drink and free pickup service, or
  • €40 ticket that includes two drinks and free pickup service.

For these prices you get access to see hot sexy ladies making their routine with hot erotic shows and sessions of pole dance in Barcelona. As you can see, these reasonable rates make Bacarra Club one of the most popular in the entire city—but we’re just getting started.


No night or gentlemen’s club experience is complete without great alcohol.

The good news is that Bacarra Club Barcelona prices has all the drinks you could ever need. With your drink of choice on tap, the club offers one of the best experiences in all of the city.

Even better, their reasonably-priced drinks will have you coming back for more.

Currently, beer is only €10, while mixed drinks at the bar will run you double that at €20.

With these two affordable options on the table, we’re sure that you can have all the drinks you want to have a good time.

Bottle Service

If you’re not looking to have to keep going to the bar, bottle service may be right for you.

Have bottles of your drink of choice delivered to you for only €250-300 for up to five people at your own table.

That’s right!

Bacarra Club’s affordable pricing means that you and your four closest friends can enjoy top-notch bottle service for only €50-70 a piece—a significant discount over buying drinks at the bar.

Delivered by some of the hottest beauties in Europe, these bottles will keep you and your friends satisfied.

And who knows?

Something even better might come out of it.

Private Strip Dance

You could, for instance, be invited to turn up the heat with a private strip dance.

With some of the sexiest showgirls Barcelona in the industry, Bacarra Club has enough hot dancers to make your head spin.

But that’s not all.

These sexy ladies are willing to show you everything they have.

Want to take things slow and steady?

Earn you a trip to a private strip for a steamy dance that’s sure to keep you awake.

These hot dances start at just €200-300, but if you feel like that’s too much, try negotiating with the girl. Many will listen and give you the service you’re after for a discounted rate.

Basic Strip Dance

Are you one who likes to play hard to get?

Consider starting the evening with a basic strip dance as beauties deliver your bottles to you.

For only €150, you can see some of the most beautiful women in all of Barcelona.

These sexy women will put you in the mood to do even more—but don’t worry. They won’t leave you hanging. If you like what you see, we’re sure you can talk these sexy ladies into doing even more.

Just make sure you’ve got enough cash on hand.

Lap Dance

Looking for something a little more physical? Than check out these Bacarra Club Barcelona prices:

Get things started with a sexy lap dance in Barcelona.

Starting at only €60-150, these can be a great way to kick off the evening with the right amount of fun.

Don’t feel like paying that much?

You may not have to.

We’re confident you can find a girl who will allow you to negotiate a better price.

Table Dance

Want something for al your group of friends at your table

If yes, than follow You can have the best table dance in Barcelona.

The beautiful women of Bacarra have some of the sexiest moves in the business—and they can be yours for just €100-150. You may even get a better price if you can put your negotiating skills to use.

Can You Handle It?

With this in mind, we have one question for you:

Can you handle sexy temptation of Bacarra Club?

With reasonable prices and some of the sexiest women in Europe willing to make your fantasies come true, Bacarra Club Barcelona prices offers one of the best values of any gentlemen’s clubs in Barcelona.

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